Watergate Gallery Presents Wainright Dawson 3-D Mixed – Media Art Returns

By Editorial Team on November 13, 2018

Sat, 17 November 2018 - Tue, 04 December 2018

Lucky Star, mixed media 27″ x 17″. Courtesy of Watergate Gallery.
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 17 from 5pm to 7pm

3-D returns with his work that embodies real life with humor. Always experimenting with new materials, colors and ideas his work is both thought provoking and entertaining.

Wainright Dawson lll is a self-taught mix media collage artist who was raised in Haiti by his mother, the artist Elizabeth Martineau Narrow who encouraged him to explore his creative skills. 3-D’s passion for art and culture began at an early age. He grew up watching and observing downtown Port Au Prince with his young hoodlum friends surrounded by the unique gingerbread architecture and colorful paintings that the local Haitians were producing. He decided early on that he had to find a way to make creating art his direction. As a child he would create art with whatever he could find by building and experimenting with the things he found in the streets. When he moved to Washington DC to live with his grandmother Lucienne Cassagnol, a well known seamstress he discovered fabric and began using it in his art. “I didn’t now what I was doing, but something very Kool was happening. I started creating my own jeans and made a new fashion statement at school.” 3-D moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico 15 years later and fell in love with the adobe buildings, the art and the culture. There he met the world renowned colorful Greek artist Nio Tavlos, famous for his coyote & moon pieces all over Santa Fe. Tavlos took 3-D under his wing, teaching him how to use color and shape and how to “just enjoy and let go!” In 2004 3-D returned to Washington DC where he continued to make his collage art with all sorts of materials and found objects. He put strange everyday things together to make portraits, buildings and abstract pop art into his unique 3-D collages. 3-D moved back to Santa Fe in 2010 where he created work ranging from Pop Art Icons to Village Paintings with found objects that include fabric, newspaper, bottle caps, gems, metal, wood, magazine pages. A couple years ago after moving to southern California he married and is currently living and creating in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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