Watergate Gallery Presents Fran Beard The Structure of Being

By East City Art Editorial Team on March 13, 2023

Sat, March 11 2023 — Sat, April 22 2023

The Structure of Being Acrylic on canvas 36×48
Evening with the Artist: Thursday, March 23 from 6pm to 7:30pm

My life as a child was very much informed by artistic activities. Of equal importance were dance, music and visual art. I remember going from one lesson to the next and looking forward to each session. I had an interest in playing the violin, modern dance and choreography. Music is the guiding energy that seems to move my hand magically while I paint.

My abstract work consisting of line, color and shape – both amorphous and hard edged – is deeply influenced by the energy and movement I feel while listening to music. Music helps connect me to the ever- present energy that is life. It moves me through psychic space and in turn my hand draws the line and pushes the color through pictorial space. This confluence of events collide in my mind, heart and hand to create each painting. Each piece is a record – a visual lived experience on canvas.

Acrylic is the medium that allows me the spontaneity necessary to move quickly with not much concern for drying time. My choice of color is intuitive and varies with each piece. Within each piece there are entrances and exits- doors and windows, wheels and carousels. Each allowing a way through or around. Never remaining static. There are no fixed or absolute barriers as each painting reflects my response not only to my inner world but also to an ever changing and challenging world around us.

My hope is the viewer might walk away feeling a release of constraint and joy.

And a knowing that there are infinite directions to get to the desired place.


  • Monday – Friday: 11-6
  • Saturday: 12-5
  • or by appointment

The gallery is located in the Watergate complex which is on Virginia and New Hampshire Avenues NW in the Mall area below street level. Entrances from the parking garage located on New Hampshire Avenue or the escalator on Virginia Avenue next to the US Post Office or stairs by the entrance of Watergate East residences.

Watergate Gallery is located at 2552 Virginia Avenue NW.