Montpelier Arts Center | WCADC PIVOTAL: An Exploration of Art and Activism

By East City Art Editorial Team on December 4, 2023

Sun, December 3 2023 — Wed, January 3 2024

Photo of Montpelier Arts Center, Main Gallery “Pivotal” exhibition. Photo courtesy of Lisa Grand Murphy, exhibition juror.

From Faith Ringgold’s painting The United States of Attica to Kara Walker’s critiques on colonialism to Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s campaign against street harassment Stop Telling Women to Smile, women have continually used art to comment on the status quo. The Women’s Caucus for Art of Greater Washington, DC (WCADC) presents Pivotal, an exploration of the intersection between art and activism. This nationally juried exhibition explores socio-political and economic protest, injustice, resistance, and activism.

About the Juror
Lisa Grand Murphy is a local artist, teacher, writer, and photographer, practicing and teaching in the Washington, DC-Metro Area. A University of Maryland graduate with a MA in Communications, Lisa also works as a Marketing/Communications Consultant for various non-profit arts organizations in Montgomery County, including Photoworks Photography Center in Glen Echo Park, MD.

Participating artists include Bethany Bash, Prudence Bonds, Sally Canzoneri, Sandra Davis, Merle Davison, Susanna Eisenman, Helen Ellis, Felisa Federman, Erica Forth, Dellis Frank, Marilyn Gates-Davis, Hannah Ghafary, Anita Giraldo, Alma Grand, Jessica Jackman, Cynthia Kelly, Eva Kjellberg, Pamela Lawton, Sara Leibman, Ellen Maidman-Tanner, Sarah Matthews, Tiara McKnight, Marla McLean, Lynn Nguyen, The Pixeladies, Linda Plaisted, Sabiyha Prince, Barbara Robinson, Renee Sandell, Sarah Schneiderman, Glendora Simonson, Sarah Sipling, Sandra Tamkin, Alexis Viele, and Jeane Vogel.

Montpelier Arts Center
9652 Muirkirk Rd.
Laurel, MD