Weekend East City Art Round Up: Rising Stars Edition

By Editorial Team on July 8, 2011
Untitled Industry Gallery MFA University of Virginia on east city art
Chris Musina. Zlatorog (Old World Legend for a New World Understanding). 2011. Hunting decoy, epoxy, gold, orange paint, silk tose Petals, bones, Shipping Containter. Variable. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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Friday July 8

Off Rhode Studio Gallery (5pm to 7pm)


The folks at Art Enables have opened up a new gallery space on Rhode Island Avenue NE.  Their inaugural exhibition will show work from artists living along the Rhode Island Avenue communities in NE Washington and just over Eastern Avenue in Maryland.  For more info including a list of artists, click here.

Off Rhode Studio Gallery


2204 Rhode Island Avenue, NE

Saturday July 9

Conner Contemporary Art (5pm-6pm & 6pm-8pm)

Conner’s annual Academy program featuring the most promising graduates from the Washington-Baltimore area’s BFA and MFA programs returns to Trinidad.  This is your chance to see emerging artist on their way to stardom.  The Academy 2011 event ends with an award presented by Pulse giving the winning artist an opportunity to show at the Pulse Fair in Miami.

Note that the Academy 2011 event is from 6 to 8pm and is preceded by an (e)merge art fair panel discussion at 5pm on the topic of collecting emerging art.

For more information about the event including the artists showing, click here.

To read an interview with Academy creator and Conner co-founder Jamie Smith, click here.

Conner Contemporary Art


1358 Florida Avenue NE

Industry Gallery (6pm to 8pm)

On the heels of Conner Contemporary’s 11th annual Academy program comes Industry Gallery’s first MFA invitational.  Curated organized and curated by University of Virginia graduate students Michael Maizels and Brittany Strupp, the exhibition pairs up-and-coming artists from the mid-Atlantic region with emerging scholars, critics and curators. For more information about the exhibition including preview pictures and a list of artists, click here.

Industry Gallery


1358 Forida Avenue NE

ORCON (9pm to 11pm)

We know very little about ORCON imaging except that the medium will be photography and that the exact location of the show, which will be somewhere in the H street corridor, will not be announced until opening day.  The exact location and announcement will be posted on East City Art the minute we find out!