Winter 2019 Exhibitions at Art Enables

By Editorial Team on January 29, 2019

Sun, 27 January 2019 - Sat, 09 February 2019

Courtesy of Art Enables.
Closing Reception: Saturday, February 9 from 4pm to 6pm

Running through March 2, 2019, Art Enables—a studio/gallery dedicated to creating opportunities for artists with disabilities to make, market, and earn income from their original and compelling artwork—will host two exhibitions, “PERSPECTIVES” and “Studio Spotlight: Storytellers.” The exhibitions feature an expanse of work by the resident artists of Art Enables. A reception will be held February 9 from 4 to 6 p.m. The free reception will provide the public an opportunity to experience the artwork as well as mingle with the artists.

Art Enables Studio and Gallery is bringing in the New Year with “PERSPECTIVES” – a selection of strong and memorable work highlighting the talents and unique styles of the resident artists of Art Enables. Many of the works feature unique physical perspectives, such as Gen Gaines’ “A Summer Stroll on RIA” or Calvin “Sonny” Clarke’s abstract painting of “[His] Office.” Raymond Lewis’ “On the Valley Floor” features a dizzying bird’s eye view of Zion Canyon, the rocks and valley floor rippling with lines and colors. Other perspectives are more personal, such as Nonja Tiller’sMy Childhood” which features a self-portrait of the artist as a child as she waits to be adopted or Michael Knox’s painting “Bonding with Dad” inspired by a memory of watching trains roll by with his father. Whether explicit or subtle, humorous or somber, the works in “PERSPECTIVES” demonstrate the artistic talents and unique stories of the artists of Art Enables.

Studio Spotlight: Storytellers
Art Enables is proud to present three resident artists with strong storytelling skills in the first Studio Spotlight of 2019. Maurice Barnes, Violet Lucas, and Michael Schaff all create work featuring characters and scenes—some real and some fictional—that have an intrinsic way of pulling the viewer in. Snapshots of worlds, illustrative techniques, and assumed dialogues make each piece a puzzle, leaving the viewer to create their own stories around each work.

Maurice Barnes is an incredibly talented illustrator and artist who has a remarkable ability to reimagine characters, images, and scenes in a distinctive style that is all his own. Maurice’s preferred mediums are commonly colored pencils and art stix. Violet Lucas’ work is whimsical, sharp, imaginative, and sweet. Her love of pop culture comes through her creations in the most unexpected ways, often blending characters and genres with surprising creativity. Michael Schaff frequently works with markers, color sticks, pastels and paint markers and often draws scenes from historical books. “Scribbling,” though not often a term used to define an artistic style, is the most apt way of describing Michael’s technique. His style creates wonderfully dense surfaces that are sometimes exclusively abstract and sometimes representational of a scene or portrait.

Art Enables is located 2204 Rhode Island Ave. NE. For more information, visit