Winter 2019 Exhibitions at Brentwood Arts Exchange

By Editorial Team on January 14, 2019

Sat, 19 January 2019 - Sat, 09 March 2019

Muriel Hasbun, Documented (¿Que tal me veo?), from Documented: The Community Blackboard, Art Museum of the Americas, 2006/2018. Image courtesy of Muriel Hasbun.
Reception: Saturday, January 19 from 5pm to 8pm

Main Gallery
Sculpture Now 2019
January 14 – March 9, 2019
Reception: Saturday, January 19, 5-8 pm
Artists and Juror talk: Saturday, February 13, 2-4 pm

Brentwood Arts Exchange, in collaboration with Washington Sculpture Group are proud to exhibit Sculpture Now 2019. Since 1987, the annual Sculpture Now exhibition has provided an open and inclusive platform for artists of W.S.G to put forth their ideas and best practices in sculpture today. Sculpture Now 2019 honors the late Tom Rooney, co-founder and member of the Washington Sculptors Group.

  • Jan Acton
  • Fabiola Alvarez Yurcisin
  • Esperanza Alzona
  • Lisa Battle
  • Alan Binstock
  • Jeffery Cooper
  • Joe Corcoran
  • Pierre Davis
  • Joel D’Orazio
  • Annie Farrar
  • Luc Fiedler
  • Maria Karametou
  • Joanne Kent
  • Jin Lee
  • Ruth Lozner
  • Dalya Luttwak
  • Harry Mayer
  • Joan Mayfield
  • Louisa Neil
  • Jane Pettit
  • Iris Posner
  • Judith Pratt
  • Evan Reed
  • John Schaffner
  • Casey Snyder
  • John Totaro
  • Elizabeth Vorlicek
  • Steve Wanna
Juror: Spencer Dormitzer
Spencer Dormitzer, Director of Brentwood Arts Exchange, oversees the administration and development of the facility, as well as the changing annual exhibitions. Mr. Dormitzer attended The School of Art Institute of Chicago, and has been a working artist for over 25 years. He has acted as the studio manager for New York abstractionist David Reed, and as an executive producer for the New York Cosmos. Dormitzer has just concluded his tenure at Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery in Washington, DC after 3 years of service, where he managed or curated over 15 exhibitions. Spencer lives on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

Lab Gallery
Documented: The Community Blackboard
January 14 – March 9, 2019
Reception: Saturday, January 19, 5-8 pm
Interactive Artist Talk: Saturday, February 23, 2-4 pm

In collaboration with Casa de La Cultura El Salvador, artist and educator Muriel Hasbun invites the public to post their family photos and write their own migration story onto the gallery walls. Along with a collage-like bilingual sound piece that weaves together Hasbun’s own reflections on migration as gathered from oral testimonies and other aural impressions recorded in El Salvador, Documented is conceived as a space for dialogue beyond borders, and for the sharing of individual and collective memory through family photos and documents. It is a space where individuals can express their allegiance to multiple languages, cultures and places, and where the past and the present are neither erased nor left undocumented.

Front Window Feature
Akemi Maegawa  “Every Day: A Journey”
January 14 – March 9, 2019
Reception: Saturday, January 19, 5-8 pm

Akemi Maegawa’s sculptural work is rooted in the constant search of a place of peace. She embraces the dichotomies of life—that which liberates and that which restraints—as she questions both the rational and the emotional. Her process is based on her gut feeling; the work produced ultimately a reaction to that which she cannot explain.

Studio Classes for Winter 2019
Register at

Ages 18 +
January 8 – February 9 (8 week class)
Is there a future work of art on your drawing board? Discover your artistic abilities as we introduce you to still life drawing and sketching in this empowering and exciting class. Drawing improves logic, creativity, memory, motor skills and feelings of accomplishment.
$120 residents/ $156 non-residents
Activity number: 30407-110D

Ages 18+
January 10 – February 28 (8 week class)
You capture that perfect moment using your camera (or even your new phone) now what? Learn to take your photos from that perfect moment to the perfect photo. Learn, talk, and practice the key tips, tools, and Photoshop techniques with professor Allan Callender. A digital point-and-shoot or SLR camera is recommended but not required.
$120 residents/ $156 non-residents
Activity number: 30412-110B

Brentwood Arts Exchange is located at 3901 Rhode Island Ave., Brentwood, MD.