WPG | Claire Wright Secret Places

By Editorial Team on March 29, 2024

Sun, April 7 2024 — Sun, April 28 2024

Le Bruit du Vent, Claire Wright, photograph, 16″ x 24″
Opening Reception: Sunday, April 7 from 2-4pm

The artist will be at the gallery on April 6, 12 & 28

Secret Places weaves the macro and the micro, the static and dynamic, the cold and the warm. Each image in this collection represents a special place, special in a personal sense. Wright believes places are primarily experienced, and the best pictures are taken in familiar places that are truly known. A place can be a memory, a feeling, a physical experience; and the image created is an effort to convey these feelings or experiences. In addition to the external aspects of weather and the season, every photograph carries with it traces of mood, the worries and pleasures of that moment. These places are secret because, even if you knew the location, your experience there would be different. Wright uses classic macrophotography techniques, drone photography, multiple exposures and intentional camera movement to create her interpretation of ephemeral glimpses of her world.

About the Artist
Claire Wright is a French born self-taught photographer. She acquired her first camera as a child, a gift from her father. Wright has always used a camera to share her feelings about the places or the people that are part of her life, but her first published pictures were scientific. She has a doctorate in biology and, spending hours over a microscope looking at cells, she became fascinated with the tiniest patterns and details of life, and with the capture of those images through micro photography.

Wright arrived in the U.S. to work for NIH but stayed for love. She shares a passion for the outdoors and for climbing with her American born husband. Climbing gave her a view of the world from the macro perspective: and she soon began wondering about the view from an even higher perspective, how would the world look even if there were no cliffs to climb? As drone prices dropped, she was able to answer that question. Wright currently works as both a technical translator and an interpreter for asylum seekers.

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