Zenith Community Arts Foundation Presents Protection

By Editorial Team on July 1, 2019

Sat, 06 July 2019 - Sun, 25 August 2019

I am Safe by Mònica Pagès. Courtesy of Zenith Community Arts Foundation.
Reception: Saturday, July 6 from 2pm to 6pm

Curated by Elizabeth Ashe, Play, Protection, or Peril is an exhibition of 2-D, sculpture, performance art, and public programming which explores guns as a source of so many perspectives. A gun is not deemed necessary to function, i.e., like a cell phone, shoes, or warm winter jacket, yet the right to own one is written into our Constitution. Our public programming is based on building relationships with legislative and community nonprofits who address gun violence. Are guns the norm? We accept gun toys, we absorb losses in our community, and we want to feel safe. We need to challenge our acceptance of the norm. What we need here, in our nation’s capital, is art to cross the divide and inspire discussions between the naivety of childhood games, those who need guns to feel safe, those they impact, and those who fear that guns are destroying the fabric of our society.

July 3-28   Protection
Reception: July 6, 2-6 pm
Self- preservation and Civil Wars
ARTISTS: Rachael Bohlander, Michele Colburn, Michael Crossett, Fiel Dos Santos & Irina Patkanian, Margery Goldberg, Hubert Jackson, Stephanie Mercedes, Nancy Nesvet, Katherine Smith-Morse.


  • July 3rd –  Artist Reception. Performance by Katherine Smith-Morse
  • July 13th – Moms Demand Action panel discussion, 3pm.
    • Self-defense class at the Beta Academy, 3pm. $40/pp.
  • July 20th – “Cops & Communities” discussion 3pm
  • July 27th – Painting workshop, 3-5pm. $20/pp suggested donation.

June & August Information can be found on www.zcaf.org

*Please Note, public event dates may shift. Check www.zcaf.org for updated schedules.

All dialogue events free of charge. Workshops have a suggested donation. 

Please Donate to Increase Your Voice! All donations go to matching our DCCAH Grant! Visit the exhibit and attend our public workshops to learn more about gun violence prevention legislation and efforts. We received a Projects, Events, and Festivities matching grant from the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities to partially fund this project, as well as a grant from the Puffin Foundation, Ltd.

H-Space is located at at 1932 9 1/2th Street NW.