Zenith Gallery Presents 6 @ 35 – Fabricating Culture

By East City Art Editorial Team on September 16, 2019

Wed, September 18 2019 — Sat, January 18 2020

Courtesy of Zenith Gallery.
Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 18 from 5pm to 8pm

A Juried group exhibition Celebrating Washington Sculptors Group 35th Anniversary
Featuring works by Luc Fiedler, Allen Linder, Mitra Lore, Vienne Rea, Gil Ugiansky, and Wilfredo Valladare

Six Artists Talks

  • Vienne Rea – Friday, September 27
  • Mitra Lore – Friday October 11
  • Luc Fiedler – Saturday, November 2
  • Allen Linder – Friday, November 15
  • Wilfredo Valladares – Friday, December 6
  • Gil Ugiansky – Friday, December 13

Washington Sculptors Group supports area sculptors by collaborating with other arts organizations,
helping develop careers and exhibiting artwork. Celebrating Washington Sculptors’ Group’s thirty-fifth
year, chosen by a jury comprised of Zenith Gallery Owner/Director and Sculptor Margery Goldberg;
Washington, DC Department of General Services, Percent for Art Commissioner Sandy Bellamy, and
Artscope and Something We Africans Got magazine’s art critic, Nancy Nesvet, Fabricating Culture
recognizes six Washington Sculptors Group members and their creations.

Luc Fiedler’s work, inspired by natural or man-made objects show process. Tooling, hammer marks,
flashes and splashes of foundry work, saw and carving marks are left intact. As the sculptures
change, originally visualized ideas remain. Spontaneous decisions made during the developmental
process result in entertaining meditative sculptures.

Allen Linder’s subtractive process of direct stone carving with hammer and chisel refine the
emerging form. As Linder continues to reveal the emerging form, discovery leads to becoming. The
moment of recognition, and of perceived finality leads to the finished sculpture.

Mitra Lore is a social activist who creates artwork to convey her message of “peace on earth.”
Awarded American University’s Washington Area Peacemaker Award, Ms. Lore founded the Mideast
2000 Peace Foundation in 1991 with the goal; fostering peace in the Middle East. Mitra Lore’s
collages and sculptures, often inspired by Rumi’s poetry, have been donated to benefit social causes
and educate Masaai girls.

Vienne Rea’s Ladder Series, inspired by a dream, combines traditional and non-traditional materials
using varied sculpting techniques. The use of ladder-as-symbol has become a vehicle for her
expression of autobiographical and biographical stories spanning a lifetime of experiences.

Gil Ugiansky Creating non-representational artwork in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, iron,
bronze and found objects, Gil Ugiansky’s geometric shapes and shiny objects capture the interest
and curiosity of the viewer eliciting the question: “how is that possible?” or “how did he do that?”

Wilfredo Valladares Using bronze wood, bronze steel, cast iron rolling pins and other materials to
explore the interconnectedness of cultures, Wilfredo Valladares’ sculptures capture relationships
between people and cultures and tell their unique stories. “Portraits and headdresses capture
relationships between time, memory and space.” Cast and found objects become conduits that allow
transformation of stories and memories into tangible visual information. In the casting process, seams
in the molds become scars alluding to stories told in facial expressions. Fire infiltrates the materials, reshaping the original form leaving voids behind.

6@35 Fabricating Culture is at 1111 Pennsylvania Ave. NW.