2018 Spring Open Studios: Katie Dell Kaufman at Gateway Arts Center

By Editorial Team on May 9, 2018
Katie Dell Kaufman in her studio. Courtesy of the artist.
Open Studio: Saturday, May 12 from 12pm to 5pm

Visit Katie Dell Kaufman’s studio at Gateway Arts Center during artist-led Gateway Arts District Spring 2018 Open Studios Tour.

Garden of Want in Times of When by Katie Dell Kaufman. Courtesy of the artist.

From the Artist:

I work with found elements: papers, objects, and monotype images generated from found things. I combine these elements, using collage and assemblage techniques, often integrating encaustic into the work as either a paint or an adhesive.

What medium(s) do you employ?

Encaustic monotype, sculpture/assemblage, and powdered pigment with encaustic.

Who has influenced you work?

Jasper Johns, Joseph Cornell, Elizabeth Murray, Tremain Smith

When did you first begin making art?

After-school classes in elementary school.

Have you shifted the direction of your work and if so, why?

In 2010 my assemblage work shifted from using more traditional European materials, or old attic-found ‘Americana’, to international and functional elements such as tools & domestic items that act as extensions to innate human limitation. This occurred after participating in a traveling show about Holocaust survivors that went to Lithuania, South Africa and Europe. After creating an artist’s statement to be translated into a variety of languages I found I was moved to change the orientation of my found object aesthetic  toward man-made objects that all humans share – farming implements, ladders, bowls, nets, that extend our productivity and/or survival.

The objects I find serve as the inspiration for my work – whether from Community Forklift or ebay.

Volunteers by Katie Dell Kaufman. Courtesy of the artist.

What is the relationship between the environment in which you live and your work?

I work at the Gateway Art Center in a studio about 20 minutes from my home.

What do you hope to impart upon viewers of your work?

I hope to engage viewers in co- creating visual metaphor.

What do you hope a viewer would take away from your work? 

The viewer should find their own narrative in the work.

What draws you to one particular medium over another?

Objects speak to me. The narrative of what we, as creative problem solvers, make, is the story of what humankind still searches/reaches for.

Katie Dell Kaufman’s studio is located in the Gateway Arts Center, 3901 Rhode Island Ave in Brentwood, MD.