2018 Spring Open Studios: Shahla Arbabi at EZ Storage Studio #313

By Editorial Team on May 9, 2018
Shahla Arbabi Starless Midnight (2015-2018). 121 inches tall, 266 inches wide and 145 inches deep.
Open Studio: Saturday, May 12 from 12pm to 5pm

Visit Shahla Arbabi’s studio at EZ-Storage studios during artist-led Gateway Arts District Spring 2018 Open Studios Tour.

About Starless Midnight from the artist:

“A word about the title,  Starless Midnight. It is a phrase from a longer quotation from Martin Luther King. I think it has a kind of poetry. Starless suggests the raft the refugees try to use–the raft, like all ocean vessels, uses the starts to guide it to safety. But the sky is starless and therefore the raft is deprived of guidance.  Midnight is the time of the famous Midnight Clock which nuclear scientists use to measure how close the world is to nuclear catastrophe.  Those scientist just moved the hands of the midnight clock closer to the hour of midnight, meaning we have moved closer to global catastrophe.

I have been working on this multimedia large-scale and emotionally-charged installation titled Starless Midnight for several years. It is the culmination of my work on the subject of contemporary war and its devastation which has occupied me since the spring of 2003. The installation is conceived of as a single expression with two interrelated parts: to the left, a scene of bloody carnage, the aftermath perhaps of a bombing, a landscape of utter destruction where dwellings are burned out-shells and the ground is littered with flimsy tents to house the broken and the displaced. To the right, in greater close-up a human figure, a refugee, struggles to board a boat, a struggle which may already have ended in defeat or is likely to do so before long. My vision of war and its toll in the 21st century seeks not to flinch from the reality.”

Shahla Arbabi’s studio is located at ezStorage Studios, unit 313 at 4303 Rhode Island Ave, Brentwood, MD.