2018 Spring Open Studios: Wayson R. Jones’ ezStorage Studios – 314

By Editorial Team on May 8, 2018
Wayson R. Jones. Image courtesy of the artist.
Open Studios: Saturday, May 12 from 12pm to 5pm

Join Wayson R. Jones and other artists of the Gateway Arts District as they host Spring Open Studios Saturday, May 12 from 12pm to 5pm.

Landlocked (side view) by Wayson R. Jones. Courtesy of the artist.



Self-Bubbles bu Wayson R. Jones. Courtesy of the artist.

What is your process?

I approach the work primarily through the tactile sense of physically manipulating the medium, so that the material itself is the message onto which other layers of meaning can accrue.

Manifesto 3 by Wayson R. Jones. Courtesy of the artist.

What medium(s) do you employ?

Primarily acrylic paint and mediums, with powdered graphite, feathers, sand, charcoal, pastel, oil stick.

Who has influenced your work?

My earliest influences, at about age 7 or 8, are from an art book my parents had, with stuff by Goya The Disasters of War prints, Picasso (Minotaur prints), Dali, and others. Jean Dubuffet for texture, artists that work at really large scales like Leonardo Drew. Gregory Coates’ use of feather has been a big influence on my incorporation of black feathers in recent work.

When did you first begin making art?

Seriously—about 10 years ago.

Have you shifted the direction of your work and if so, why?

I wouldn’t say shifted but focused more on what my core aesthetic values are. My Murmuration series using feathers, powdered graphite, and acrylic is a good example of that focus. Over the past year-and-a-half, I’ve also expanded my practice to include collage using photos of myself at various ages (4, 7, 54 yrs) and snapshots my Dad took in Vietnam.

Murmuration-Swoop-Soar by Wayson R. Jones. Courtesy of the artist.

What can viewers expect to see at your studio this Saturday?

Paintings and some small sculptures, predominantly black and white, ranging from pure to figurative abstraction; photo collages on paper and aluminum panel.

When you are not in your studio, what serves as inspiration for your work?

Mostly the ground (especially in winter) and the night sky.

What is the relationship between the environment in which you live and your work?

Not particularly strong in terms of my actual living space (but see above response).

What do you hope to impart upon viewers of your work?

A sense of physical density and spiritual presence.

What do you hope a viewer would take away from your work? I don’t have specific hopes for my work as a whole; it varies according to the piece, with the portrait-based work having more discernible messages.

Self-Upriver by Wayson R. Jones. Courtesy of the artist.

What draws you to one particular medium over another? Why do you focus on painting over other media?

I’m drawn to painting because it’s primal and can absorb everything else (i.e., sculpture, photography, etc).

What do you believe is value of painting in the 21st Century?

Its value as an art form, I believe, increases over time; it’s a valuable counterforce to the superficial ease of digital image-making. I don’t think it will ever disappear as long as people make art.

Wayson Jones’ studio is located at ezStorage Studios – unit 314 at 4303 Rhode Island Ave, Brentwood, MD. Visit his website at www.waysonjones.com