Gallery Opens at New DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities HQ in Southeast

By Gail Vollrath on September 12, 2012
Mayor Gray addresses the audience.


The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) opened its new gallery and office location with a ribbon cutting ceremony and inaugural exhibition on Sept 7.  The building at 200 I Street SE will also headquarter several District agencies.  Located in the former Washington Star printing plant, the DCCAH gallery is the only District owned gallery space dedicated solely for the exhibition of fine art.   Opportunities for artists to submit exhibition proposals will be offered throughout the year.

Exhibiting artists include:

  • Mary Early
  • Rik Freeman
  • Janis Goodman
  • Michael Iacovone
  • Judy Southerland
  • Colin Winterbottom
  • Gediyon Kifle
  • Khanh H. Le
  • Barbara Liotta
  • Siobhan Rigg
  • Alexandra Silverthorne
  • Anna U. Davis
  • Asmara Beraki
  • Scott G. Brooks
  • John James Anderson
(article photos by Gail Vollrath for East City Art)
(Left to rigth) Khanh H. Le, Janis Goodman and Colin Winterbottom


Exhibition guests view works by (left to right) Scott G. Brooks, Rik Freeman and Anna U. Davis.


DC Photo Grid by Michael Iacovone.


(Left to right) Scott G. Brooks, Judy Southerland, Scott G. Brooks.
DC artist Gediyon Kifle, one of the exhibiting artists.



"Police Officer Funeral" black and white photo by Gediyon Kifle- One of many art works on exhibition.