Mid City Artist Spotlight: Sally Kauffman


Hot Cross Burns by Kauffmann.  Photo courtesy of the artist.

Hot Cross Burns by Sally Kauffmann. Photo courtesy of the artist.

For the past four years Sally Kauffman has lived and worked in Mid City. Since moving to DC in 1980, Kauffman has finally found a home in a second floor studio on 14th and S streets NW, just a short walk from her home. It is in this studio that Kauffman is creating her latest works of bold, fleshy abstraction.

Kauffman draws great inspiration from Thomas Drymon’s Doris Mae gallery, the Studio Gallery in Dupont and “the act of eating food for pleasure.” Her latest works “document the experience of eating, using the camera to crop and compose images that later inform the paintings.” Through the ritual of eating, Kauffman hopes to evoke sensations of emotion, sound, taste and memory.

Champagne by Sally Kauffmann.  Photo courtesy of the artist.

Champagne by Sally Kauffmann. Photo courtesy of the artist.


Kauffman is known for her bold, fleshy, paintings that often take over the canvas with the human form. In her latest series, she shifts her focuses on the experience. For example, in Hot Cross Buns, she really tried to “capture the lively dinner shared on a neighbor’s back porch on a bright spring afternoon.”

In addition to being open during the Mid City Artists studio tours in the fall and spring, Kauffman’s work can be seen this summer at Affinity, opening at Studio Gallery on Friday August 1 and Surface Ten, opening August 8th.

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Elizabeth Carberry
Authored by: Elizabeth Carberry

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