A Vision That Smells of Soap…Exhibition at Washburn Art Center, Gallaudet University

By Gail Vollrath on September 18, 2012

David Call uses Linocut to communicate social, political and cultural issues affecting the Deaf community.

It was a pleasure meeting with Curator Tracey D. Salaway, Program Director of the Art & Media Design Department at Gallaudet University in NE DC to talk about the current Linda K. Jordan Gallery exhibition, A Vision That Smells of Soap. The 2000 sq. ft. gallery inside the Washburn Art Center was filled with works by both hearing and non-hearing artists in what Salaway terms a main stream, multicultural exhibition, and art media exchange.

Salaway brings together artists working in diverse mediums (oil, sculpture, iPhoneography, mixed media, photography and graphic design), from diverse cultural backgrounds (including Deaf and Hearing) to present a low, high and “middle” brow art experience.

An Artomatic enthusiast since 2004, Salaway chose artists she had seen on her various trips to the semiannual art and cultural extravaganza to combine with the work of her students for this exhibition. Exposing her students to as many art forms and ways of thinking about art as possible was a particular goal for this exhibition.

Artists included in the exhibition are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Artists: Mae Sellers (Found Objects), Yiqiao Wang (Digital Illustration), Kelly Simpson (Oil), Alex Genievsky (Oil), Jiayi Zhou (Oil), Nancy Rourke (Oil), David Call (Linocut), Joan Ricati (Textile), Su Robbins (Textile), Curt Robbins (Poetry), Andre Pellerin (Ceramics), Ellen Mansfield (Oil and Sculpture), David Ennis (Poster Design), Jennifer Nelson (Sculpture), Michelle Lapides (Found Objects, Mixed Media)

Non Deaf Artists: Jennifer Beinhacker (Found Objects), Belen Boya (Photography), Barbara Frank (Drawing), Gregory Ferrand (Oil), Philip Gerlach (Photography), Michael Hammond (Oil, Graffitti), Tina Wyatt (Mixed Media, Collage), Charlotte Guthery (Photography), Melody Merin (iPhoneography), Greg Minah (Acrylic), Rose Jaffe (Illustration), Barry Goldstein (Sculpture),

The exhibition continues through September 21.   Barbara Frank will give a gallery talk at 11 a.m. on Thursday, September 20. Gallery hours are Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Upcoming exhibitions include a Faculty Show – October 1 through 27, a General Studies Program Design Student Show curated by Professor Amy Stevens -November 5 through 20 and a Student Art Show – December 3 through January 11.

Gallaudet University, 800 Florida Ave. NE.

(Photos by Gail Vollrath for East City Art)

A mixed media work by Zofie Lang, one of the artists Salaway discovered at Artomatic. Lang was one of 10 artists who received the James Renwick Alliance Award of Excellence for mixed media at the 2012 Artomatic.















Mae Sellers, a Texas native, uses found objects to create complex wall installations. Mae will be entering the MFA program in Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University this fall.













Artist Nancy Rourke paints themes of resistance, affirmation and liberation using symbols, metaphors and hidden messages.













Curator, Tracey Salaway.












Mixed media works by Tina Martin Wyatt. Her multi-layered canvases reflect a background of storytelling, family and history.










Installation view of A Vision that Smells of Soap.









David Ennis, a deaf activist since 1977, designs posters on controversial deaf culture issues.