Industry Gallery Inaugural Opening Round the Corner

By Phil Hutinet on January 19, 2010
At the edge of Trinidad NE, right before Florida avenue ends at the five pointed intersection of H street NE, Benning road and Maryland Avenue NE, a facade in a former industrial building glows brightly on a dark January evening.  While slightly overshadowed by its ground floor neighbor Connor Contemporary,  visitors  enter a distinctly different gallery space once they reach the second floor.  In this second floor space, Industry Gallery’s inaugural exhibit displays the work of Shlomo Harush, an Israeli artist who splits his time between New York, Milan and Tel Aviv.
Aptly named, Industry Gallery is raw space framed by unfinished concrete walls and floors making this the perfect environment for a Harush exhibit.  Harush’s over-sized, seemingly unfinished  metal work warms Industry Gallery’s space and gives it purpose.  Harush’s “Round the Corner” and its industrial backdrop will delight visitors who enjoy contemporary design and sculpture.
The work found in “Round the Corner” can be broken down into three general categories- objects wrapped in generous amounts of shiny aluminum-like metal, sculptures made-up of small aluminum links to form larger objects and whimsical illustrations both drawn on paper and animated.  A large truck covered in aluminum dominates the entry.  Nearby, a large metallic sculpture resembling a double chair invites guest to sit.   A video screen also wrapped in aluminum loops minimalist cartoons. Off to the side, a former automotive entrance ramp is decorated by another wrapped object.  At the center of the exhibit, unexpectedly, three frames, wrapped in metal, display three minimalist illustrations.  Further down the hall, in a window-less room hangs an isolated semi-circular sculpture.

To see selected photos of the exhibit, click here

Shlomo Harush’s  “Round the corner”  will be on display from January 16, 2010 — March 6, 2010 at Industry Gallery located at 1358 Florida Avenue, NE, Suite 200, Washington DC 20002    T:  202 399 1730