September Mid City Gallery Exhibitions and News

By Editorial Team on September 16, 2015
citelum_carnegie-library | Photo Credit: Rikki.K. courtesy Citelum.  Caption: Rendering of Carnegie Library at 801 K Street NW during Art All Night
Photo Credit: Rikki.K. Courtesy Citelum. Rendering of Carnegie Library at 801 K Street NW during Art All Night

Art All Night Shaw at the Carnegie Library

The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities’ Art All Night returns this month at five locations citywide to include Dupont Circle, Shaw, North Capitol, H Street NE and Shaw. In Shaw, the Carnegie Library will come alive with the following offerings:

Olivia Morrow
Artist Oliva Morrow will show work in the Carnegie library’s lower level. The historic domed ceiling in the space will provide the backdrop for the artist’s installation piece. Titled Stretch, Morrow will use chicken wire mesh to provide the skeleton for her work while donated fabric from clothing will become its flesh. The fabric has a context and a story behind it—Morrow collected clothing from almost 30 women from across the country including the DC area, Georgia, California, New York and Colorado. Much of the fabric derives from underwear and panty hose. “Clothes have sentimentality, they weave together different experiences and, once you talk to people about it, it’s interesting to see what memories are attached,” explains Morrow. “It’s experimental and it evolves over time. When people have their underwear or favorite dress as part of the work, they definitely have stories to tell!”

Oliva Tripp Morrow Stretch (work in progress) Image courtesy of the artist
Oliva Tripp Morrow Stretch (work in progress).  Image courtesy of the artist

Video Projection and Performance Pieces
The façade of the Carnegie Library will become the canvas for an artist rendered video projection sponsored by French lighting company Citelum (see first image). Programming includes live painting by artist Monsieur Arthur (Arthur Gallice), who works in France and China, every hour on the hour from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. During this time Riki.K. from Baltimore, Maryland will perform live ambient music set to a nature-themed video backdrop. The projections will continue to 3 a.m., the official end-time of the city-wide Art All Night festival.



Rob Hackett Archway Image Courtesy Hamiltonian Gallery
Rob Hackett Archway Image Courtesy Hamiltonian Gallery

Hamiltonian 2015 Fellows

new. (now). 2015 is the opportunity to experience the work of this year’s Hamiltonian Fellows selected annually by a rotating panel of collectors, curators and artists. This year’s pool of applicants comprised 144 aspiring fellows. The six selected include the following artists: Kyle Tata, a Baltimore native who works in photography, collage and cyanotypes; Nara Park, a sculptor who has exhibited widely in the DC area; Rob Hackett who has a background in printmaking but currently works in sculpture; Christie Neptune, from New York City, who works primarily in lens-based media and Jim Leach a sculptor based in Baltimore, MD. This group exhibition offers the public a chance to meet the new fellows at the opening and preview coming work at the gallery.


Nara Park Never Forget Image Courtesy Hamiltonian Gallery
Nara Park Never Forget Image Courtesy Hamiltonian Gallery

Touchstone Openings

Quarter Sections by Janet Wheeler

Janet Wheeler’s work relies on Asian philosophy which more readily accepts two contradictory notions simultaneously unlike Western though which relies heavily on Kantian notions of categorization and separation. As such, the artist has created work based on the following dichotomies: manmade vs. natural and repetition vs. variation. Wheeler explains the result of her work, “This display carries the viewer’s eye across the shapes, just as one would view a ceremonial procession of apsaras and bodhisattvas dancing with subtle gestures across the facade of an eastern temple or watch rows of blossoms bending both high and low in a changing breeze.”

Janet Wheeler Quarter Section (many) Image Courtesy Touchstone Gallery
Janet Wheeler Quarter Section (many) Image Courtesy Touchstone Gallery

As a seasoned architect with almost four decades in the field, McMurray reexamines the urban landscape by restructuring color to produce recognizable forms. Each piece in McMurray’s Metropolis builds upon one another and the artist intends for the audience to view the ensemble of his shapes and forms as a whole—a whole city. As one walks through the exhibition, one should feel as though he or she is walking down a street, recognizing long vertical forms, horizontal lines and other contrasting marks.

McCain McMurray W55 Image Courtesy Touchstone Gallery


August Mid City Gallery Openings & Events:

Art All Night—Shaw
Carnegie Library at 801 K Street NW
Event: Saturday, September 26 | 8 p.m-3 a.m.

Gallery Neptune and Brown
1530 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20005
September 12–October 17
Picasso to Kentridge—Prints by modern & contemporary masters
Opening Reception TBD

1353 U Street NW, Washington, DC 20009
202.332.1116 |
new. (now). 2015 Fellows Group Exhibition
September 19-October 31
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 19 | 7-9 p.m.

1515 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005
202.234.5601 |
September 26-December 19
Renée Stout Wild World
Opening Reception :Saturday, September 26 | 6-8 p.m.

901 New York Ave NW, Washington DC 20001
202.347.2787 |
September 4-27
Monthly Member Artist Exhibition
Metropolis by McCain McMurray
Quarter Sections by Janet Wheeler
Opening Reception: Friday, September 11 | 6-8:30 p.m.

Current Exhibitions on View:

1234 Ninth Street NW, Washington, DC 20001
202.232.4788 |
Through October 18
Work by Michelle Peterson-Albandoz