5×5 project

By Eric Hope on September 12, 2014

5×5 Opening Reception Launches Citywide Public Art

Eric Hope Recaps the official launch of 5×5 on Friday September 5.

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By Editorial Team on September 10, 2014

5×5 Project: Enkutatash ንቁጣጣሽእ by Jace Clayton

Celebrate the Ethiopian New Year at the Gateway Pavillion on Thursday Sept 11th from 6-9pm. A 5×5 Public Art Project Event.

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By Eric Hope on June 12, 2014

5×5 Brings Nationally Recognized Curators to DC this Fall

Eric Hope profiles the 5×5 perspectives of curators A.M. Weaver & Shamim M. Momin whose visions will come to fruition this fall.

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By Editorial Team on April 30, 2014

DCCAH Announces 25 Artists to Participate in the 5×5 Project

The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities (DCCAH) to announce the 25 local and national artists who will participate in this fall’s 5×5 Project.

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