Arts and the Economy

By Christina Sturdivant on January 22, 2015

Activating Spaces for Artists in Ward 7: Artists Look to Create Hubs for Art and Cultural Preservation

Christina Sturdivant interviews Ward 7 artists as they seek to create a hub for art in their East of the River neighborhoods.

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By Christina Sturdivant on July 18, 2014

Torpedo Factory Keeps an Eye on the Future while Looking Back at its 40 Year History

Christina Sturdivant profiles the Torpedo Factory on its 40 year anniversary and discusses its future with artists and CEO Eric Wallner.

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By Editorial Team on April 8, 2014

Three Things YOU Can Do to Keep the Gateway Arts District Funded!

Sign the petition, write a letter or show up to a public hearing on Tuesday April 8 at 7pm.

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By Editorial Team on February 12, 2014

Prince George’s County, Arts and the Economy

An open letter by Gateway CDC Executive Director Carole Bernard on the impact of the arts in Prince George’s County, MD.

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