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By Jay Hendrick on March 27, 2017

Root Systems: An interview with Lisa Marie Thalhammer

Artist Jay Hendrick interviews artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer. They discuss painting, activism, healing, football, the Women’s March, and murals.

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By Jay Hendrick on October 18, 2016

East City Artnotes: Flesh, NSFW?

Olly Olly’s Flesh reveals the many facets of humanity sexuality

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By Jay Hendrick on July 6, 2016

Pathways Reviewed: A Line’s Certitude

Jay Hendrick explores the line in Pathways

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By Jay Hendrick on June 15, 2016

Kinesthetic Empathy

Please Touch reviewed by Jay Hendrick. The exhibition is on view at Target Gallery through July 17.

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By Jay Hendrick on June 8, 2016

Who’s Afraid of the Bunnyman? Olly Olly’s Manifesto Reviewed

The story goes that in 1970, at a bridge in Fairfax, a couple was assaulted by a figure dressed in a bunny suit. The bunny-suited assailant flung a hatchet, breaking their car window. The hatchet wielding, fuzzy flayer was dubbed the Bunnyman. Soon Bunnyman paranoia struck the local residents of...

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