By Wade Carey on March 14, 2018

East City Art Reviews: You, if no one else & The More Things Change at Arlington Arts Center

Wade Carey reviews two exhibitions in which contemporary artists react to the current American political climate.

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By Eric Hope on January 15, 2015

East City Art Reviews: David Molesky’s RIOT at the Fridge

Eric Hope Reviews David Molesky’s tumultuous imagery in RIOT on view at the Fridge through February 15.

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By Phil Hutinet on December 4, 2014

East City Art Reviews: The “Extinction” of Dacha Culture

Phil Hutinet reviews PLANE WATCHERS at Touchstone Gallery. Estonian photographer Annika Haas visually narrates the demise of dacha culture outside Tallinn.

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By Dandee Pattee on June 20, 2014

Corcoran and Tzu-Lan Mann's Dynamic yet Hesitant Coming Together

Dandee Pattee reviews the recent collaboration of Katherine Mann & Joe Corcoran at the Montpelier Arts Center.

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