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By Wade Carey on March 14, 2018

East City Art Reviews: You, if no one else & The More Things Change at Arlington Arts Center

Wade Carey reviews two exhibitions in which contemporary artists react to the current American political climate.

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By Wade Carey on December 3, 2015

Wade Carey Interviews McKinley Wallace III CONNERSMITH Academy 2015 Participant

McKinley Wallace III discusses his process with Wade Carey and the resulting “artifacts” derived from his painting.

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By Wade Carey on July 18, 2014

ACADEMY 2014 Opening in Photos

Photo Essay by Wade Carey of ACADEMY 2014 opening at CONNERSMITH.

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By Wade Carey on July 9, 2014

Academy 2014 Featured Artist: Levester Williams

Wade Carey interviews Academy 2014 invitee Levester Williams about his art and the echoes of American and African culture and history that resonate throughout his work.

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By Wade Carey on November 25, 2013

Finding Art for Yourself

How everybody ought to put thought into collecting art from within the community.

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By Wade Carey on July 11, 2013

Wade Carey Q&A with Jay Hendrick, CONNERSMITH Academy 2013 Participant

Wade Carey catches up with Jay Hendrick at his GMU studio.

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By Wade Carey on July 9, 2013

Wade Carey Q&A with Annie Rose Hanson, CONNERSMITH Academy 2013 Participant

Transcript of Wade Carey’s Q&A with Academy 2013 artist Rose Hanson

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By Wade Carey on August 6, 2012

Wade Carey interviews Wesley Clark, on Academy 2012 show at Conner Contemporary Art

In the last of four East City Art interviews with Academy 2012 curator Jamie Smith and three participating artists, Wade Carey sits down with Wesley Clark for an in-depth interview of his work.

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By Wade Carey on December 12, 2011

Wade Carey Q & A with sculptor Liz Lescault

Wade Carey interviews sculptor Liz Lescault and discusses her current body of work ‘Xenophilia’ currently on display at Harmony Hall.

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By Wade Carey on October 6, 2011

Wade Carey Interviews Pam Rogers on the Eve of her Show “Autumnal Equinox” at Studio H

Wade Carey interviews Arlington Art Center Resident artist Pam Rogers about her exhibition “Autumnal Equinox” at Studio H. A reception is scheduled at the gallery from 6-8pm Friday October 14.

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By Wade Carey on July 27, 2011

Wade Carey Interviews Academy 2011 Artist Jonathan Monaghan

In the last of East City Art’s interviews with Conner’s Academy 2011 participants, Wade Carey Interview 3D artist and sculptor Jonathan Monaghan.

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By Wade Carey on July 12, 2011

Wade Carey Interviews Samuel Scharf on the Eve of Academy 2011

Wade Carey and Samuel Scharf discuss the evolution of Scharf’s work, the use of the “F word” and comment on the uphill battle faced by emerging contemporary artists who chose DC as their home. This is the second interview in a series focusing on artists who are participating in Conner’s 11th annual Academy program.

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By Editorial Team on October 18, 2010

Wade Carey Interviews Maria Margarita Panas

Wade Cary caught up with Maria Margaret Panas in her studio shortly before the opening of her CITY Gallery solo show “Action Painting”

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