DC Sketchers: The Perception of Spaces & Relationships- via Styrofoam Cups

The DC Sketchers learned about the importance of the compositional format. We tested our measuring and sighting skills by copying masterworks from the From Impressionism to Modernism exhibit.

We then gathered at a table in National Gallery of Art’s cafeteria. There we set up a simple still life of Styrofoam cups, observing and recording the negative spaces between the cups and bounded by a compositional viewfinder.

The new Spring I session of DC Sketchers is beginning on Saturday, February 12th. We will meet every Saturday from 10am to Noon for 8 classes, ending on April 2nd. The link to the class description can be found here:

Register for eight sessions for $240 by visiting www.chaw.org or calling 202.547.6839. You can also drop-in for $35 per class by contacting Victor (no later than Noon on the Friday before class) at 202.547.6839 or at victor@CHAW.org.

See Course Synopsis and Itinerary for the Spring I session at end of this post.


Course Synopsis and Itinerary
DC Sketchers – Spring I Session
Saturdays, 10am to Noon, 2/12 to 4/2

The course is organized to present author Betty Edwards’ thesis that the global skill of drawing is made up of five perceptual skills
1.The perception of edges
2.The perception of spaces
3.The perception of relationships
4.The perception of lights and shadows
5.The perception of the whole, or gestalt

Week One: 2/12 – The Perception of Edges: Blind Contour
Capitol Hill Arts Workshop

Week Two: 2/19 – The Perception of Edges: Modified Contour
U.S. Botanic Garden

Week Three: 2/26 – The Perception of Edges: Gesture
Trapeze School of New York – DC

Week Four: 3/5 – The Perception of Spaces: Negative Spaces/Picture Plane
National Gallery of Art

Week Five: 3/12 – The Perception of Spaces: Negative Spaces/Picture Plane
U.S. Botanic Garden

Week Six: 3/19 – The Perception of Relationships: Perspective
Library of Congress – Jefferson Building

Week Seven: 3/26 – The Perception of Lights and Darks
Capitol Hill Arts Workshop

Week Eight: 4/2 – The Perception of Lights and Darks
National Gallery of Art

Authored by: Kent Gay

Kent Gay is teaching a new class at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop called DC Sketchers, which records the places, people and happenings of the DC area. Each Saturday morning the class ventures out to capture the views and interesting details of our area's rich architectural and cultural landscape. Beginners are led through a series of exercises that develop the perceptual skills needed to draw, while intermediate students benefit from a class structure that encourages cooperative learning and exploration. Kent earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Minnesota's School of Architecture and a M.A. in Applied Design from the University of Minnesota's Graduate School. He has taught classes in design foundations - Drawing, Two-Dimensional Design, Three-Dimensional Design, and Color. After working as a museum exhibit designer for 15 years, Kent is now working as a Development Assistant and Theater Facilitator at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop and is a regular contributor to Urban Sketchers - DC. http://urbansketchers-dc.blogspot.com/