Industry Gallery Article in Fast Company Magazine

By Editorial Team on March 23, 2010

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Fast Company Magazine has written a piece about Industry Gallery’s current exhibit “Hands On”.  The title of the article is rather obnoxious as it poses the question “Is Washington, DC ready for an onslaught of contemporary design”.  Rather than following up this rather presumptuous title with a discussion leading up to that question, the author, Cliff Kuang, continues the article with an interview of Veenhuizen and Remy, the two designers featured at Industry Gallery’s current show “hands on”.
While the interview with Veenhuizen and Remy reveal a lot about their vision and the history of their work, the article itself does not answer the question it poses.  Rather, it stereotypes DC as a company town whose inhabitants have little or no affection for aesthetic pursuits. 
A more relevant and honest discussion would have included the major changes occurring in the area where Industry Gallery is located such as the arrival of new galleries right next door.  This should have led the author to pose a more relevant question “Is DC on the cusp of becoming a new center for art and design”.