2018 Summer Workshops at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

By Editorial Team on May 7, 2018
Photo courtesy of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.
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Van Dyke Prints with Laura Asher, May 12 | $150
Van Dyke printing is a photographic process similar to cyanotype that involves coating paper with light sensitive solution. Once exposed to light and processed in chemical and water baths, you’re left with a beautifully rich brown print. In this class we’ll experiment with creating negatives by hand as well as exposing translucent objects onto the print itself. This is a quick and fun process – the possibilities are endless.

Salted Paper Printing: Photographic Beginnings with Margaret WesslingMay 20 | $100
Visiting Artist
This workshop will present the history, chemistry, and technique of Fox Talbot’s invention that went on to define the medium of photography. Participants will learn to sensitize papers and make prints from negatives and found materials in a photogram technique. Fixing and toning will also be presented and practiced.

Aesthetics of the Contemporary Poster with Brad Vetter, June 2 & 3 | $300
Visiting Artist
Explore the contemporary poster and new expressive techniques in letterpress printing. The workshop will cover the basics of setting wood type and printing on a cylinder press, then quickly dive into fresh ideas that keep the poster and process relevant today. Some traditional and alternative techniques we will be incorporating include: pressure printing, non-traditional forms, and even printing with laser-cut blocks.

Joomchi: Felted Paper with Saaraliisa Ylitalo, June 9 | $160
Joomchi is a Korean technique for making textured, handmade paper. In this workshop, you will combine layers of mulberry papers of various shapes and colors to create a new piece of paper. This technique is similar to felting, but uses paper instead of wool. The resulting crinkled papers can be used in surface design, bookmaking, collage, or anywhere one would use decorative paper.