April 2022 Online, In-Person and Hybrid Workshops at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

By Editorial Team on March 29, 2022
Courtesy of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.


Advanced Screenprinting on Fabric

A 3-Day Online Workshop!
Saturdays, April 2, 9, 16 | 2-5pm
with Gretchen Schermerhorn via Zoom
$278-$300 | Registration closes March 16 (shipping) or March 22 (pickup)

Are you interested in taking screenprinting on fabric to the next level? You’ll create at least 3 yards of bespoke printed fabric and have a screen of your own with the skills to print again. Upon registration, students will be sent next step instructions on emailing imagery to us to expose into the screen and get to you. learn more & register

The Art of Natural History Online

An 8-Week Online Workshop!
Tuesdays, March 22-May 10 | 6-8 pm
with Kate Samworth via Zoom
$400 | Registration closes March 16

We will examine the lives and motives of some of the great explorers and discoverers that gathered and illustrated specimens from around the globe. Each week we will immerse ourselves in a different field of study and examine the most beautiful or peculiar historical illustrations. Demonstrations on drawing from observation and working in various media will be provided to assist students as they work independently on their specimen illustrations. learn more & register

Write Your Artist Statement

March 31 + April 7 | 6-8 pm
with Kate Samworth via Zoom
$100 | Registration closes March 23

Artists are often required to write about their work, and many of us find this daunting. If the thought of writing an artist’s statement fills you with dread, this is the workshop for you. A well-written statement is honest and illuminating and is intended to deepen your audience’s connection with your work. You will then be guided through the process of drafting and revising a statement to share with the group. learn more & register 

Solar Plate Etching

April 3 + 10 | 12-5 pm
with Melissa Ezelle in Studio
$313 | Registration closes March 24

Solar plate etching is a versatile and non-toxic printmaking process that produces results similar to fine photo-etchings. This environmentally friendly printmaking technique does not require the use of acid or other harmful chemicals and it is a quick and versatile printmaking technique.

Level: Intermediate – General experience with intaglio printmaking processes is recommended. learn more & register

Collagraph Printing Online

April 7 + 14 | 4-7 pm
with Kerry Downey via Zoom
$200 | Registration closes March 28

This workshop will explore the collagraph print—an accessible and versatile approach to printmaking. A favorite medium for both veteran and novice printmakers, this process uses everyday materials and simple collage techniques to make rich, textured prints. The collagraph plate itself can become its own artwork, be printed later with a press, or used as a surface to make rubbings. Similarly, the prints can be reworked with a variety of mixed media. The possibilities are limitless! learn more & register

Eye to Hand to Tool:
Drawing From Observation

A 6-Week in Studio Workshop!
Thursdays, April 7-May 12 | 6-8 pm

with Amy Callner via Zoom
$300 | Registration closes March 28

Students will learn how to draw what is sitting in front of them representationally, and strengthen the connection between what their eyes see and their hands do. Learn some fundamental drawing skills as well as practice techniques that will build skills and muscle memory. We will be doing *a lot* of drawing from observation! learn more & register

Pop-Up Mail Art Cards

April 9 | 2-5 pm
with Bel Mills in Studio
$77 | Registration closes March 30

Create a moment of unexpected joy for someone you love by mailing them this pop-up card brimming with paper flowers. In this class you will be shown how to create the dynamic mechanism that makes a bunch of flowers “bloom” when this card is opened. Perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any other special occasion. learn more & register

Introduction to Bookbinding

April 14 + 21 | 6-9 pm
with Nathalie Ryan in Studio
$176 | Registration closes March 30

This six-hour workshop will introduce you to the basics of bookbinding, including appropriate materials and tools needed to make your own notebooks, journals, or albums. By the end of the course, you will be able to adapt three structures to suit your needs, as well as have a strong foundation for furthering your bookbinding skills. learn more & register 

Make+Take: Kitchen Lithography

April 27 | 7-9pm
with Jun Lee in Studio
$40 | Registration closes April 20

Kitchen lithography uses this principle of hydrophobic (repelling water) and hydrophilic (mixes with water) elements to create prints, using materials found in any kitchen. Have fun exploring this experimental technique as you discover the science behind printmaking and other image transfer processes. Think butter, oil, cola! learn more & register 

Dust Jacket Restoration

A 3-Day In-Studio Workshop!
April 29-May 1 | 10am-2pm
with Mitch Gundrum in Studio
$347 | Registration closes April 20

Students will use various paper mending and in-painting techniques to mend and restore a damaged paper dust jacket. We will focus on the qualities of various adhesives and Asian tissues, humidification and flattening, and various paper mending techniques. Session 2 will continue with fill techniques and work time. Session 3 will be dedicated to color-matching, in-painting, trimming and housing the restored dust jacket in a protective mylar sleeve. learn more & register

Cyanotype Printing Online

April 30 + May 7 | 10am-12pm
with Selene LaMarca via Zoom
$100 | Registration closes April 20

Cyanotype is a photographic process known for its blue color. It was famously used by a pioneer in photography, Anna Atkin, who is often coined the first female photographer. Students will learn the history, chemistry mixing, and coating techniques for making their own cyanotypes. This class is perfect for both beginners and those looking to get a refresher and/or refine their skill set. learn more & register

Did, Saw, Felt: A Process for Narrative Drawing

A 5-Day In-Studio Workshop!
Wednesdays, May 4-June 1 | 6-8pm
with Lenora Yerkes in Studio
$255 | Registration closes April 25

Join illustrator and cartoonist Lenora Yerkes for a five-part drawing workshop focused on stimulating creativity. You’ll learn techniques for quieting your internal editor, working through creative blocks, and organizing your thoughts into compelling narratives. learn more & register 

Block Printing for Beginners Online

Tuesdays, May 10 + 17 | 6:30-8pm
with Anita Hagan via Zoom
$75 | Registration closes April 30

Block Printing for Beginners is a fun and relaxing two-session workshop in which students will learn the basics of block printing. This workshop is open to artists and non-artists of all levels, ages 14 to adult. learn more & register