Art of The Figure: An Online Figure Drawing Exploration

By Editorial Team on January 19, 2021

Saturday, January 23 from Noon to 6pm


About this Event

Get the best view of the model from anywhere in the world as Washington Studio School and the DC Art Model Collective collaborate on a celebratory full day of figure poses and possibilities.

With two models posing simultaneously you choose what you draw! Register today and join us from anywhere in the world, at any time throughout the day for:

30-minute posing increments that will include:

  • Gestures
  • Long poses
  • Portrait
  • Full Body
  • Close Views

Creative possibilities may include:

  • Dramatically lit poses
  • Reflections
  • Trapeze poses
  • Costumed poses
  • Hands
  • Backs
  • Aerial views
  • Colorful set-ups and props
  • and more!

Plus, extraordinary artist and WSS faculty member, Martin Campos will also be doing figure drawing demos throughout the day.

A schedule of models and poses will be posted on the day of the program. Surround yourself with any and all materials available, create the space you need and draw in community with artists from all over the world.

Registration will remain open throughout the day and a Zoom link will be sent automatically once you are registered.

Important Protocols and Etiquette for Zoom-based Figure Drawing: No screenshots or photographs may be taken at any time during a session unless the model explicitly allows it. If permission is granted there is an additional charge for each screenshot to be paid directly to the model. Payment amount and method will be listed in the chat by the model on request.

Our models are professional, this is their livelihood, and we trust that all participants will honor this protocol. To learn more about the DC Art Model Collective, visit