CHAW’s 2021 Paint Bucket Campaign

By Editorial Team on August 25, 2021


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CHAW provides a space for children to experience limitless creativity and freedom, to discover the things they love, to find their confidence, and to know they belong. Since 1972, we’ve been building community through the arts and we’ve never turned a child away due to inability to pay.

In order to keep the doors open to possibility, CHAW needs your support. Your investment in our annual Paint Bucket Campaign will go toward ensuring that every student can take a class here, no questions asked. It means theatre groups and dance troupes and musical quartets can practice in our spaces once again, for subsidized rates that welcome artists to take risks. It means that more art will reach more kids throughout the Capitol Hill neighborhood. It means bridging the socioeconomic gap in arts accessibility so that every kid is given the resources to express themselves uninhibitedly because at CHAW, we believe that art is a human right.


Capitol Hill Arts Workshop’s Annual Paint Bucket Campaign funds projects and programs for community outreach. We do this by providing tuition waivers for arts classes and music lessons, subsidized rehearsal and meeting space for arts and other non-profits, and free art kits, and by running pop-up workshops throughout the city.


With over 90% of all donations raised supporting youth programs and outreach, your investment in this work helps bridge the socioeconomic gap in arts accessibility so every kid is given the resources to express themselves. #chawinyourcommunity