Community Arts at Montgomery College 2023: Winter & Spring Classes in Takoma, Rockville and Online

By Editorial Team on November 28, 2022
Courtesy of Montgomery College Community.

Register today for 2023 arts classes for adults and teens. Sign up today, seats are filling fast! Check out a sampling below, or see the full list of 120 offerings at

Community Arts classes are for artists and hobbyists 16 and up. Discounts are available on most classes for Maryland seniors 60 and up.


Rockville Campus
Thursdays 3/23-4/20 | 12:30-3:30pm

with Donovan Marks
$219 | $95 seniors

Capture striking, off-the-cuff images of everyday life. Learn the strategies of a street photographer, like pre-focusing and the no-look shot. Explore composition and storytelling techniques like juxtaposition, color contrast, and implied narrative. Go out in the field as a class and put your new skills to the test!


Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
Tuesdays 2/7-4/18 | 7-9:30pm

with Racquel Keller
$344 | $145 seniors

Explore the amazing medium of acrylic paints! It’s non-toxic and cleans up with water. Learn how to use a wide variety of acrylic products, including paint, gels, medium, and grounds. Practice mixing clean colors, controlling drying time, and creating glazes and textures.


Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
Thursdays 2/9-4/20 | 12-2pm
Single sessions, drop-ins welcome

with Dr. Norberto Gomez
Free to all

Get your artwork critiqued and practice your critique skills on other artists’ work! Gain insight into the artistic process as you collaborate to improve an artist’s work and its interpretation. Leave the critique with new inspiration and a deeper understanding of how to analyze and discuss artwork.


Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
Fridays 2/10-3/10 | 1:30-3:54pm

with Holly Trout
$194 | $75 seniors

Get an edge in exhibiting your artwork by learning the secrets of a successful art show application. Discover where to find exhibition opportunities and which are worth applying for. Put together an impactful portfolio, prepare the elements of an application, and apply for an exhibition in class.


Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
Fridays 2/10-4/21 | 10am-12:30pm

with Wendelin Daniels
$344 | $145 seniors

Create your own original art doll! Explore the design process for creating three-dimensional human forms in mixed media. Begin with rough design concepts and proportional figure sketching, and finish by hard sculpting the doll’s head and hands, soft-sculpting the doll’s body, and sewing the doll’s costume.


Rockville Campus
Tuesdays 2/7-4/18 | 6:30-9 p.m.
Alzira Lena Ruano

Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
Mondays & Wednesdays 2/13-3/8 | 6:30-9:30pm

with Jerry Truong
$344 | $145 seniors

Discover Photoshop, the industry standard for image editing. Start your Photoshop journey with the basics, learning different types of image editing and exploring the tools that give you ultimate control over your digital artwork. Experiment with retouching and altering existing images and creating your own.


Online via Zoom
Thursdays 2/9-4/20 | 7-9:30pm

with Rebecca Solow
$344 | $145 seniors

Learn about visual storytelling, the layout and design of children’s books, and the process of conceptualizing a picture book from start to finish. Choose a story to work with, create a storyboard, and work on a book dummy. Look at examples, discuss composition, drawing and painting methods, and how to get published.


Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
Fridays 1/27-5/12 | 9am-2:40pm

with Kevin Bowman
$532.20 | $136.20 seniors

Explore the dynamic art of screenprinting! From posters to t-shirts, serigraphy is the most ubiquitous printmaking process in use today. Learn the materials and techniques of screenprinting, including stencils and resists. Complete multiple projects, including multicolor prints.


Online, self-paced

with Cristin Cash
$532.20 | $136.20 seniors

Explore different types of museums and their relationship to our shared histories, cultures, and communities. Learn to access the enormous extent of resources we have in DC region museums and how you can put them to use for art and research projects. This class has no scheduled class meetings or group field trips. Complete coursework on your own time with the flexibility to do fieldwork at physical or virtual museums.