Congress Heights Arts & Culture Center Welcomes Local Artist Deborah Browder

By Editorial Team on February 4, 2016
Photo courtesy of CHACC.
Photo courtesy of CHACC.


Opening Reception: Friday, February 5 from 6pm to 9pm


Join CHACC Friday, February 5th from 6pm to 9pm as we introduce Deborah Browder and host an opening reception for her exhibit, Squaring the Circle: An Artful Meditation on the Alchemy of Love.  As explained by the artist, the title of this show is a play on impossibility and an attempt at personal and planetary change. Through the sacred application of the ancient principles of alchemy derived from ancient Kemet, Browder endeavors to inspire you in your own alchemical processes of meaningful transformation.

Opening Night will include a brief and free workshop, “Personal Medicine Wheel,” conducted by the artist. In addition to the workshop there will be poetry recitation and live performances by a dancer and drama therapist. Workshop participants will be invited to share their work as part of the exhibition.

A Statement from the Artist:
“I am the sacred mixing pot for the alchemy of love.” This affirmation, received in my dreamtime during a 7-day vision quest, affirms my belief that every human being is in fact an act of love, regardless to how they arrived. This realization is embedded in my work as a kind of spiritual hypertext that moves me to create, just as one is moved to make love or give birth. Both are transformative acts, and alchemy is transformation. My art is a kind of alchemy–—a deep and spiritual journey through space and through time to merge sacred and sensual concepts into a magical elixir otherwise known as love.

Artist Bio:
Deborah A. Browder (born 1985 in Boston, Massachusetts) is a visual arts instructor and mixed media painter who specializes in murals and comic book illustration. She is also skilled in sculpture and deco-art collage.

Group Exhibitions
Arnheim Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA 1999.
Mills Gallery at The Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA 1999.
Gordon Gallery, Boston Arts Academy, Boston, MA 2003.
Humphrey’s Street Studios, Boston,MA 2010.
Dozens of Walls throughout the City of Boston 2000-Present.

CHACC is located at 3200 MLK Jr. Ave. SE.