Creative Suitland Announces Virtual Events

By Editorial Team on January 25, 2021

Sunday, Jan. 24th @ 4PM
Hosted by Malachi and Anna Washington of Banana Split Studios
 Sponsored by Target 

Virtually enjoy a Sunday afternoon of art and wellness as you take care of your full self through yoga and painting. You’ll need a mat or towel to workout on, and art supplies for your creation.

The workshop will begin with a 30-Minute grounding and heartwarming yoga flow with CS Director, Malachi Robinson. The yoga flow will get the creative spirit flowing for the 60-minute art session with Anna Washington of Banana Split Studios!

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Topic: Creative Placemaking Projects
Thursday, Jan. 28th @ 7PM

In 2021, Creative Suitland will be doing our part in improving and beautifying our community. We are launching our new initiative Empty Space, Creative Places, a series of projects designed increase visibility, safety, and commerce in the Greater Suitland area.

What is ‘Creative Placemaking’? According to our supporting agent, National Endowment for the Arts, creative placemaking is

“when artists, arts organizations, and community development practitioners deliberately integrate arts and culture into community revitalization work. [It]  supports local efforts to enhance quality of life and opportunity for existing residents, increase creative activity, and create a distinct sense of place.” 

In a nutshell, your input is necessary in making our plans true and authentic to the culture and heritage of Suitland.