Creative Suitland Arts Center Hosts Let’s Get Healthy Series

By Editorial Team on February 9, 2021

Events: Now through Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 7:00 PM

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A Healthier You, Inc & Creative Suitland Arts Center present, Let’s Get Healthy Series, a community-based wellness program sponsored by Target.

“Let’s Get Healthy Series” will provide adults with tools and resources to help address the stress and anxiety they are feeling in their life. Many adults are overwhelmed by emotions, environmental factors, negative thoughts, and loneliness. The topics that will be discussed during “Let’s Get Healthy Series” are helping individuals: create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, leading to less stress, anxiety, and depression, and greater happiness, balance, and positive outcomes. We address mental, physical, financial, emotional, social, and overall health as a whole.

The instructor leading the “Let’s Get Healthy Series” will be educating individuals on the fundamentals of yoga and meditation (stretches and guided meditation) and life skills (budgeting, physical health, dieting, social engagement) to help them become self-sufficient and build resilience.

The virtual series are led twice a month and held for 1 hour. The first 40 minutes will include introduction, survey, and group discussion based on educational information about specific health topics. The last 20 minutes will include basic yoga postures, meditation, survey, and closing of session.


  • February 2nd & 16th | Mental Health
  • March 2nd & 16th | Emotional Health
  • March 30th & April 6th | Physical Health
  • April 20th & May 4th | Financial Health
  • May 18th & June 1st | Social Health