DC Sketchers Winter Workshop at CHAW

By Kent Gay on December 20, 2010

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DC Sketchers on East City Art

This special Winter Workshop series of DC Sketchers classes will be held at the National Gallery of Art on the National Mall. While investigating the museum’s collection of paintings and sculpture, students will be led through a series of exercises that develop the perceptual skills needed to draw what you see. Using the museum’s visual resources as subject and content, you will learn to see with sensitivity, draw with accuracy and begin to understand the organizing principles of masterworks on paper and canvas.

Register for 4 sessions for $120 by visiting www.chaw.org or calling 202.547.6839. You can also drop-in for $35 per class by contacting Victor (no later than Noon on the Friday before class) at 202.547.6839 or at victor@CHAW.org.
The course is organized to present author Betty Edwards’ thesis that the global skill of drawing is made up of five perceptual skills

1.The perception of edges
2.The perception of spaces
3.The perception of relationships
4.The perception of lights and shadows
5.The perception of the whole, or gestalt


January 15th
The Perception of Edges – ‘Blind’ and Modified Contour Drawing

January 22nd
The Perception of Spaces – Negative Space and the Picture Plane

January 29th
The Perception of Relationships – Measurement and Proportional Relationships

February 5th
The Perception of Lights and Shadows