Fall 2017 Workshops at Washington Studio School

By Editorial Team on September 11, 2017
Photo courtesy of Washington Studio School.

Junk Drawer Art: Upcycle Day!
Fri, Sept 15, 10am-5pm
Instructor: Brian Kelley
Artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Paul Klee, Morris Louis, and Stuart Semple are examples of artists who have mixed materials or used non-traditional media in their work. We all have a trove of art supplies that we bought with good intention (sometimes years ago) that have found their way into the abyss of the studio junk drawer without being used. “What was I thinking when I bought those florescent paints?” you may ask. Here’s an opportunity to resurrect those supplies (paints, brushes, drawing materials, papers) and rediscover why you bought them, swap with others, and see what the possibilities are for putting them to good use. A discussion on why you bought the materials, and a guided process on how to use them now will open your mind to experiment. In the process, you will clear space for other new materials, which hopefully will be used more promptly – perhaps at a WSS class this fall.

Photo courtesy of Washington Studio School.

Mon, Sept 18, 10am-5pm
Instructor: Jill Phillips
Notan is a Japanese term for ‘light-dark harmony.’ The arrangement of dark and light shapes and the abstract patterns or pathways that they create are the foundation of all strong composition. This workshop will strengthen students’ ability to arrange these shapes and patterns in a way that brings simplicity, balance, movement, unity, as well as tension, to the composition. By reducing our work to simple black and white shapes, we will unlock the key to the underlying energies that bring order and strength to your drawings and paintings.

Photo courtesy of Washington Studio School.

Preparing Your Own Painting Surfaces
Thursday, September 21, 10am-5pm
Instructor: Milena Spasic
The difference between store bought canvases and ones that you stretch and prepare yourself can be huge, with different methods and materials leading to varied painting experiences. This one day hands-on workshop will introduce students to the different weights and weaves of canvas, types of stretcher bars, methods and materials for stretching, and the primers and barriers used to protect the canvas from the destructive properties of the oil. In addition to stretching and prepping a flexible canvas, students will learn about other surface possibilities for painting, particularly the more rigid surfaces like wood, fiberboard and paperboard. While traditional methods may be discussed, the workshop will use more contemporary, conservator approved materials.

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