February 2019 Workshops at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

By Editorial Team on February 18, 2019
Courtesy of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.
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MAKE+TAKEMold & Deckle Experimentations 
February 20, 7 – 9pm | $40
Ready to get pulpy? Strap on your galoshes and join us! We’ll have stations set up, pulp-filled vats, and a variety of moulds and deckle sizes to choose from. We will be creating uniquely shaped papers that expand beyond the usual rectangular deckle. No homework and no experience necessary! Learn More

MAKE+TAKEFamily-Friendly Screenprinted Spring Cards
February 21, 6-8pm | $40
Can’t wait for Spring? Come channel your spring-fever into making spring-themed cards, using vintage floral and decorative elements. Open to parents and children ages 8+.  Learn More

WORKSHOP: Intro to Tabletop Letterpress
February 23, 10am-4pm | $155
This workshop will cover the basics of letterpress printing with antique lead type on a Chandler & Price Pilot tabletop platen press. You will learn how to set lead type, operate the tabletop press, troubleshoot, and clean and maintain the press. Learn More

Gelatin Plate Printmaking

February 27, 6:30-9:30pm | $75
Learn to create beautiful, unique prints in minutes without a press using Akua waterbased inks, Golden Open acrylics, and Gelatin plates. We will use a variety of materials including painting tools, stencils, and natural and found objects. Learn More

WORKSHOP: Hand-Carved Typography & Letterpress
March 2, 10am-4pm | $155
In this 1-day workshop, you will draw and carve a letter or design on a linoleum block. We will ink up the press together and everyone will get a chance to print their design on the Vandercook. Learn More

Make Your Own Sketchbook: From Pulp to Stitch

March 5 & 12, 6-9pm | $155
The first day of this two-part workshop is spent in the paper studio, where you will make sheets of cotton paper that will be suitable to hold both dry and wet media. Learn More