Get Seen in the Art World

By Editorial Team on April 17, 2023


Do you feel like you’re hustling for shows and studio visits but not seeing the results? That your career isn’t moving forward even when you’re busy? Are you worried about promoting your work because you don’t want to sleazy—but waiting for a dealer or curator to approach you isn’t working either.

It’s time to break out of this cycle.

With just a few simple lessons, my free Masterclass, How To Get Seen in the Art World has the potential to transform your approach to securing grants, residencies, and shows, so you can spend more time in the studio making work for shows, and less time chasing them. The class takes place Tuesday May 9, 7:30 PM EST.

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It also gives you early bird access to VVrkshop’s membership Netvvrk, a program designed to help artists advance their careers on all fronts.


  • The top three mistakes every artist makes and why they’re keeping from getting the opportunities you deserve
  • Insider tips on how to uplevel your shows, grants, and residencies, without draining every minute of your time.
  • My three step framework that will get you visibility for your art without compromising your vision or your art

So, register now, and learn how to stop spinning your wheels, break out of a cycle of self-doubt, and get those shows.

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ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: My name is Paddy Johnson. I’m an art writer, educator, and AVID cat lover! I’ve helped launch the careers of artists like Petra Cortright, Jon Rafman, and Jayson Musson. I won the first Creative Capital grant for blogging. I’ve been published in the New York Times, New York Magazine and Hyperallergic and curated shows for Postmasters Gallery (NY), The Weatherspoon Museum (NC), and the Untitled Art Fair (FL).

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