January 2022 Workshops at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

By Editorial Team on January 11, 2022
Courtesy of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.

Improvisational Screenprinting
January 15 | 10am-1pm
w/ Clare Winslow in Studio
$102-$127 | Register by January 7

Who says printmakers are rigid? Loosen up in this collaborative and spontaneous screenprinting workshop! Through a series of prompts and exercises, you will learn how to respond and build off of your fellow classmates’ prints. Other skills such as transparent and opaque ink mixing, color registration, and proper screen exposure, will be covered. Let’s have some fun! learn more & register

Nontoxic Aquatint
A 4-Day Workshop
Sundays, Jan 16-Feb 6 | 1-5pm

w/ Nicole Parker in Studio
$418 | Register by January 6

Aquatint is an intaglio process that produces tone rather than lines. Though this method traditionally involves the use of powdered rosin, in this workshop we will explore a contemporary and non-toxic method using an airbrush and a water-soluble acrylic resist. Students will come away with a plate and a small edition of prints. learn more & register 

Introduction to Hand Papermaking
January 16 | 12-6pm
w/ Selene LaMarca in Studio
$102-$127 | Register by January 7

This workshop covers the basic techniques of Western-style hand papermaking, including pulp preparation, sheet forming, couching, pressing, and drying. It includes an overview of decorative techniques, such as the use of pigments, inclusions, layering, and shaped deckles. This class is designed as an introduction for new students and a refresher for out-of-practice papermakers. learn more & register

Make+Take: Pressure Plate Printing
January 19 | 7-9pm
In Studio
$40 | Register by January 11

Make+Takes are the perfect way to try something new! Come explore the world of pressure printing on our Vandercook presses using a variety of pre-cut paper templates on different types of papers. This technique is fun to experiment with and allows for atmospheric effects not usually seen in relief printing. learn more & register 

Zoom+Make: Triangles x2
January 20 | 7-9pm
w/ Nathalie Ryan via Zoom
$40-$50 | Register by Jan 7 (kit shipping) or Jan 12 (kit pick-up)

Do you find triangles tricky or tantalizing? Come learn/make two triangular-shaped, folded structures: (1) the triangular accordion book and (2) Hedi Kyle’s triangular book. Consider how triangles add dimension and dynamism to artist books. All the materials are provided—so just come ready to play with paper! learn more & register

Make+Take: Screenprinting on Plexi
January 20 | 7-9pm
w/ Terence Nicholson in Studio
$40 | Register by January 12

Join us for this experimental Make + Take where you will have the opportunity to explore screenprinting techniques on plexiglass.  We will play with layering, using both sides of plexi, “printing backwards” and the interplay of opacity and transparency. We’ll have several images ready to start experimenting with—just bring an apron and get ready to get inky! learn more & register

Recycled Paper Casting and Embossing
January 22 | 2-5pm
w/ Maggie Gourlay in Studio
$86 | Register by January 12

Want to “green” up your art practice? We will use scrap and misprinted screenprints and other papers as our raw paper material, cast them into molds and/or create embossed papers. We will experiment with using this raw material to create color effects to incorporate into our new paper. learn more & register

Kleisterpapier: Historically Inspired Paste Papers
January 23 | 2-5pm
w/ Mitch Gundrum in Studio
$91 | Register by January 14

Learn about the history of German decorative paste papers, including important artists, techniques, and designs, then spend the rest of the class making paste papers. Students will prepare colored paste with pre-made wheat paste and acrylic paint, wet out sheets of paper, then use brushes, combs, fingers, and stamps to create unique designs. learn more & register

Collagraph Printing
January 24 & 31 | 4-7pm
w/ Kerry Downey via Zoom
$200 | Register by January 14

This workshop will explore the collagraph print—an accessible and versatile approach to printmaking. A favorite medium for both veteran and novice printmakers, this process uses everyday materials and simple collage techniques to make rich, textured prints. learn more & register

Zoom+Make: Relief Printed Valentines
January 26 | 7-9pm
w/ Nicole Parker via Zoom
$40 | Register by January 17

In this short-form workshop, you will learn how to carve and print your own design using soft linoleum blocks. We will keep Valentine-themes in mind, but ultimately the design is up to you. No homework, and no experience necessary—just join us for lots of inky fun! learn more & register

Experimental Drawing I
5-Day Workshop
Wednesdays, Jan 26-Feb 23 | 10am-1pm

w/ Priya Vadhyar via Zoom
$375 | Register by January 17

Use drawing as a means of self-expression. While the principles of drawing will guide our journey, we will use exercises and prompts to extend our ways of seeing and working. As we experiment with line, mark-making and composition, you will be encouraged to go beyond what is visible and wade into the unknown. learn more & register

Love in Action: Movable Valentines
January 29 | 1-4pm
w/ Jeana Foley via Zoom
$86-$96 | Register by Jan 14 (kit shipping) or Jan 19 (kit pickup)

Impress your Valentine with ACTION, not just words! Cut, paste, and fold your fondest feelings into motion during this online class by learning to use three paper engineering techniques that swivel, pop, and ripple your message of love into impressive 3-D valentines. learn more & register 

(It’s a) Papermaking Party
A Small Group Workshop (for up to 4)
Flexible Scheduling
$350 | Schedule Within 30 Days of Registration

Gather a few colleagues, friends or family members and join us in-studio where you all will learn how to create beautiful one-of-a kind sheets of paper. This fun and creative party is great for children and adults alike and a great way to create while chatting, bonding, and/or teambuilding. Parties will be held indoors or outdoors (weather permitting). All materials are included, and no experience is required. learn more & register