Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery Presents In Flow: A Moving Meditation by Donne Lewis Featuring Artis Moon Amarché and Tamara Wellons

By East City Art Editorial Team on November 11, 2019
Donne Lewis. Courtesy of Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery.
Event: Friday, November 15 from 7:30pm

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To achieve the integration of Mind, Body, and Soul is to arrive at, or be within, the state of “flow.” Movement has always been how Donne Lewis taps into her spirit, to have peace, and its partner, euphoria. A tap dancer for the past 20 years, she has spent the last five years nurturing and developing her concept of barefoot percussive dance, using sand on wood (Sand Dancing). The incorporation of modern, contemporary and African movement came two years ago.

In Flow is her journey to the mastery of Reiki healing as she works to physically represent the symbols, to literally embody them, in order to simultaneously share with audiences both her artistry, rhythms, and the healing energy of Reiki.  The performance is designed to bring together all the parts of herself, Mind, Body, and Soul, for personal and group healing. She, along with  her collaborators, Artis Moon and Tamara Wellons, will represent each concept.

A bath of sound will be created to aurally stimulate the senses. The audience will be witness to a literal flight across the sand, and a gathering of light, air, and sonic vibrations, to arrive back in their bodies, awash in the experience of healing energy.

They invite you to come experience the magic of the Wychdokta with percussive sand dance, movement, and energy healing (Reiki), the meditative vibes of Artis Moon with anything from wooden flute and metallophone to crystal bowls and drums, and the scintillating vocals of Tamara Wellons.

Donne “the Wychdokta “ Lewis – Sand Dancer 
A tap dancer for the past 20 years, Donne Lewis has spent the past 4 developing the art of Sand Dance. She defines her version of this dance form as barefoot dancing on sand. She is working to make it current by including modern and contemporary movements. Donne’s recent projects include conducting two artist residencies; the first in Albuquerque, NM, followed by a four-month stint in Belize, Central America.

Artis Moon Amarché – Interdisciplinary Artist 
A DC native, Artis is honored to integrate her role as healer, musician, dancer, and artist, and loves to integrate various traditional meditation practices with innovation, using improvisation and intuition. Artis’ healing arts offerings include an eclectic, complementary mix – Reiki, Yoga Nidra & other meditation classes, sound healing/sound baths, art processes, and special events including monthly Moon Circles.

Tamara Wellons – Vocal Artis
Tamara Wellons is an independent American singer, songwriter and producer of Soul, Jazz and House Music and has executive-produced three full-length albums (Life Is 2008; Songs for Janie 2012; Pretty 2016). She recently established and owns Maryland-based music company, Her Dreams Productions.

The Joan Hisaoka Gallery is located at 1632 U Street NW.