May and June 2022 Online, In-Person and Hybrid Workshops at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

By Editorial Team on May 23, 2022
Courtesy of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.

Junk Journals

Tuesday, May 24 | 6-9pm
with Sarah Matthews via Zoom
$75 | Registration closes May 18

A “junk journal” is a handmade book created from many types of paper, often recycled materials like patterned papers, sheet music, envelopes, paper bags, maps, brochures, and more. In this workshop, you will take an old book and gather materials and other ephemera to create a unique journal that expresses your vision and style. learn more & register

Play with Legos and Letterpress

Wednesday, May 25 | 6pm-9pm
with Lauren Emeritz in Studio
$91 | Registration closes May 18

Come join us for this playful letterpress printing workshop where participants will create a Lego design to print on the Vandercook press.

Level: All levels welcome! learn more & register

Kleisterpapier: Historically-Inspired Paste Papers

Thursday, May 26 | 6-9pm
with Mitchel Gundrum in Studio
$91 | Registration closes May 19

Students will briefly learn about the history of German decorative paste papers. Students will then prepare their own colored paste with pre-made wheat paste and acrylic paint, wet out sheets of paper, then use brushes, combs, fingers, and stamps to create unique designs. Sheets will dry overnight and be available for pick-up and use the next day. learn more & register 

Fabulous Folds

Thursday, May 26 | 6-9pm
with Tatiana Nelson-Joseph via Zoom
$91 | Registration closes May 19

Are you interested in taking paper from flat to full? In this 3-hour online intensive, you will learn best practices in cutting techniques, explore folded forms, and how to use premade stencils to cut patterns out of cardstock or your own handmade paper. learn more & register 

Clay Resist and Indigo Printing

A 4-Day Online Workshop!
Fridays, June 3-24 | 4pm-7pm ET

with Gretchen Schermerhorn via Zoom
$342 or $352 | Registration closes May 18 (kit shipping) or May 25 (kit pickup)

Discover how to make and use a clay-resist paste. In our multi-day workshop, you’ll learn how to mix the non-toxic clay-resist paste and the various, inventive methods of applying it. This will include block printing, screenprinting, stenciling, and direct painting. Then you’ll build on those skills by learning how to make and maintain a vat of organic, fructose indigo, and the techniques for dyeing. learn more & register 

Introduction Screenprinting on Fabric

A 2-Day Online Workshop!
Mondays, June 6 + 13 | 6-9pm
with Adi Segal via Zoom
$208 or $235 | Registration closes May 19 (kit shipping) or May 26 (kit pickup)

This hands­-on introductory class will provide instruction on the screenprinting process, specifically for fabric. You will learn about sourcing printing equipment and materials, preparing your personal artwork for screen-printing, various artistic printing methods, heat setting a printed image, and fabric care. learn more & register 

Gel Plates And More!

A 2-Day Online Workshop!
Sundays, May 29 + June 5 | 2-5pm
with Sharon Robinson via Zoom
$155 | Registration closes May 22

Love mixed media? This class offers the perfect way to expand your repertoire by creating an array of one-off prints using acrylic paints and inks on gel plates and exploring other monoprinting techniques that do not require plates. The resulting prints can be stand-alone artworks and/or modified with paint, pastels, markers and pencils, or become material for collage. learn more & register

Experimental Drawing I

A 5-Day Online Workshop!
Wednesdays, June 1-29 | 10am-1pm

with Priya Vadhyar via Zoom
$375 | Registration closes May 22

Drawing is fundamental to the art-making process. Whether it’s a quick sketch to tease out ideas, a study to be translated into another medium, or a work of art in its own right, drawing can help us understand ourselves and the unique way in which we see the world. The goal of this workshop is to use drawing as a means of self-expression. learn more & register

Designing with Paper

A 2-Day In-Studio Workshop!
Wednesdays, June 1 + 8 | 6-9pm
with Selene LaMarca and Sharon Robinson
$176 | Registration closes May 23

Explore a variety of methods in combining papermaking techniques with collage to produce finished pieces of art. Through a joint teaching approach, participants will learn how to make paper using a variety of materials to imbed patterns, texture and color, and use those as the basis for developing compositions through the application of additional collage materials. learn more & register 

Lumen Printing

A 2-Day Online Workshop!
Sundays, June 5 + 12 | 11am-1pm
with Selene LaMarca via Zoom
$100 | Registration closes May 26

Discover lumen prints, a camera-less photographic process where you will create unique photographic images using black and white photographic paper, objects, and light over a two-day workshop. learn more & register 

Gel Printing on Fabric

A 2-Day Online Workshop!
Tuesdays, June 7 + 14 | 6-8pm
with Clare Winslow via Zoom
$100 | Registration closes May 26

Participants will be printing on fabric with the gelatin plate and acrylics. Gel printing on fabric is looser than printing on paper—you can layer imagery and create interesting effects depending on the type of fabric you are using. Pieces can be presented as finished art or used as part of larger textile projects. learn more & register

Screenprinting with Drawing Fluid

Wednesday, June 8 | 6pm-9pm 
with Selina Doroshenkovia Zoom
$75 | Registration closes May 29

In this workshop, you will learn ways to create your own DIY screenprints at home out of household materials! You’ll learn how to use drawing fluid to create a direct stencil onto your screen and how to pull prints at home.

Level: All levels welcome – no previous experience necessary. learn more & register

Printmaking Extensions

A 4-Day Online Workshop!
Tuesdays, June 7-28 | 6-9pm
with Nandini Chirimar via Zoom
$300 | Registration closes May 30

Explore ways to extend the boundaries of printmaking by experimenting with Japanese paper and layering prints with drawings and other media. Various types of Japanese paper will be discussed. Wet and dry gluing techniques including Nori paste, Fusion 4000 and Gudy will be demonstrated.

Level: Intermediate – some printmaking experience is required. Class project(s) are largely self-directed. learn more & register

Write Your Artist Statement!

A 2-Day Online Workshop!
Thursdays, June 2 + 9 | 6pm-8pm 
with Kate Samworth via Zoom
$100 | Registration closes May 26

Artists are often required to write about their work, and many of us find this daunting. If the thought of writing an artist’s statement fills you with dread, this is the workshop for you. A well-written statement is honest and illuminating and is intended to deepen your audience’s connection with your work.

Level: Intermediate – Participants must be active artists with a body of work ready to share for discussion. learn more & register