November Workshops and Classes at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

By Editorial Team on November 8, 2021
Courtesy of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.

Star Book Holiday Ornaments
November 13 | 10am-1pm
w/ Bel Mills in Studio

$77 | Register by November 6

In a continuation of the upcycled book arts series, we will show students how to turn 6 pages from an old book into 3 star-shaped, hand-stamped holiday ornaments. Best of all, these 3D decorations collapse flat for easy storage. You’ll want to make extras for gifts, cards, and favors! learn more & register

Zoom+Make: Subtractive Monotypes
November 16 | 7-9pm
w/ Nicole Parker

$40 | Register by November 9

Monotype is any form of printmaking that results in a unique, one-off print. It offers the printmaker a very direct way to transfer an image from a plate and presents by its very nature a limitless potential to experiment with rich color and mark making. In this Zoom+Make, you will learn how to remove the light areas of the composition, which will result in an illuminated and rich print. learn more & register

Zoom+Make: Tin Can Papermaking
November 17 | 7-9pm
w/ Marta Perez Garcia via Zoom

$40 | Register by November 9

Are you interested in making paper at home with materials you might already have? Then you should join us for an evening Tin Can Papermaking, where you’ll learn how to make cute circular sheets that can be used for coasters, ornaments, garlands, and more. learn more & register

Make+Take: Flocked Patterns
November 18 | 7-9pm
w/ Adi Segal in Studio

$40 | Register by November 9

Flocking is a process that involves laying down short, thin fibers on an adhesive to create a textured velvety surface. Come and learn how to create mesmerizing colored flocked patterns in this 2 hour Make and Take! This class is great for beginners as well as advanced students who want a new technique to add to their screenprinting toolbelt. learn more & register

Make+Take: Spiral Fold
November 18 | 7-9pm
w/ Nathalie Ryan in Studio
$40 | Register by November 9

In celebration of Thanksgiving, come fill a book with gratitude!  Learn how to construct a spiral fold, a circular-shaped book with sculptural form. After filling the pages with words and text expressing gratitude, we’ll make a decorative cover.  We’ll even have time to make a second book that you can share! learn more & register 

Trace Monotypes Online
November 20 | 10am-2pm
w/ Priya Vadhyar via Zoom
$100 | Register by November 10

Here is the perfect opportunity to bring drawing and printmaking together. Trace monotype or transfer drawing is a technique of transferring ink to paper. It has the immediacy of drawing but uses the principles of printmaking to create artwork brimming with texture and atmosphere. The class will begin with demonstrations of the various ways we can transfer ink to create a trace monotype. Students will work on their own prints with guidance and individual attention. All levels are welcome. learn more & register 

Screenprinting on Wood Panels
November 20 | 11am-5pm
w/ Clare Winslow in Studio
$181–$206 | Register by November 10

Explore alternative screenprinting with wood! Students will learn to coat and expose a screen using their own imagery, register two colors, and print their images on small wood plywood panels.

All levels are welcome. learn more & register

Digital File Prep for Screenprinting
November 21 | 1-4pm
w/ Chelsae Blackman via Zoom
$75 | Register by November 13

Want to expand the type of designs you can screenprint? Want to learn how to prep your favorite images digitally? Have unanswered questions about Photoshop? This workshop will go over preparing digital files for printing on transparencies for screenprinting. We’ll cover techniques like halftones, the four-color process, and more. You’ll have the opportunity to prepare your own artwork for future Screenprinting. learn more & register

Reduction Relief Printmaking
Nov 28, Dec 5 and 12 | 1pm-5pm
w/ Nicole Parker via Zoom

$300 | Register by November 18

Reduction printing is a layered process using just one block to develop an edition of layered, multi-color prints. This process involves printing the largest area of color first, then carving away, or “reducing” the block to preserve areas of the first color, then printing over the image again with the second color. In this workshop, students will learn how to plan, carve and edition a 2-color reductive relief print, as well as how to register each layer precisely.  learn more & register

Block Printing for Beginners
Nov 30 and Dec 7 | 6:30-7:30pm
w/ Anita Hagan via Zoom

$60 | Register by November 18

Block Printing for Beginners is a fun and relaxing two-session workshop (1 hour each) in which students will learn the basics of block printing. This workshop is open to artists and non-artists of all levels, ages 14 to adult. The class begins with a brief introduction to the materials, tools, and safety, then students will learn how to transfer their design or photo onto an “easy to carve” block. The second night, participants will explore how to print, and will print 2 pieces of art during class, followed by the opportunity to see everyone’s new artwork. learn more & register 

Unusual Additives in Screenprinting
Nov 30 and Dec 7 | 6:30-7:30pm
A Hybrid (Online and In-Studio) Workshop! w/ Eliza Clifford 

$155 | Register by November 24

In this intermediate workshop, students will learn four unique additive and decorative processes: flocking, paper dying, gold leaf, and puff paint. Students can use these materials/processes to embellish and add a stylistic flare to their screenprint projects. The first session will be a virtual demonstration of how to apply each method to their prints. In the next session, students split into smaller group sessions to make their prints and apply any of the additive methods. learn more & register 

Just the Two (or Three) of Us!
Register & Schedule Anytime

Do you have a particular project or desire to learn a specific skill? Our experienced staff are available to offer individual or group instruction in our studios, catered to your schedule. Whether you are a beginner or are looking to build additional skills or work on a particular technique/project, our 3-hour One-to-One lessons are a great way to get started. Want to learn with a friend? Try a Two-to-One lesson! learn more & register