Pyramid Atlantic Art Center November 2018 Events, Workshops, & Make + Takes

By Editorial Team on November 5, 2018
Courtesy of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.

News & Events

  • Artist Talks by Pyramid Studio Residents
    November 7, 7-8:30pm | FREE!
    Join us for a discussion by artists including Jane Lueders, Sarah Noreen, Brian Dunn, Mary Elizabeth Watson, Josh Crotty, Cynthia F. Johnson and moderated by Kate Taylor Davis! Learn More
  • Pyramid Atlantic at Freer|Sackler Galleries
    November 30, 5-9pm | FREE!
    Join Pyramid as we celebrate the new Japan Modern exhibitions at a special after-hours event. We will be showcasing the techniques behind the art as we teach woodblock printmaking! Learn More

In The Gallery

    Thea Gregorius | Allen Linder | Michael Enn Sirvet | Tim Tate
    On view through November 23
    Combined, the artworks question notions of soft (ornamental, safe, feminine) and hard (resolute, unwavering, masculine) while it explores the relationships between sculpture and paper. Learn More


  • WORKSHOP: Introduction to Tabletop Letterpress with James Quigley
    November 3, 10am-4pm | $156
    This workshop will cover the basics of letterpress printing with antique lead type on a Chandler & Price Pilot tabletop platen press. You will learn how to set lead type, operate the tabletop press, troubleshoot, and clean and maintain the press.
  • WORKSHOP: Hinged Lid Boxmaking with Sarah Noreen
    November 3, 10am-4pm | $156
    In this workshop, you will learn how to construct and cover a single tray box with an attached lid. Variations on this structure will be discussed, including adding partitions, tabs and closures, and time permitting, you may even get to re-purpose an old hardcover book into a box!
  • WORKSHOP: Photopolymer & Letterpress for Graphic Designers with Lauren Emeritz
    November 4, 11am-5pm | $161
    Learn how to print your own designs using photopolymer plates! In this workshop you will learn how to take your designs from sketches to computer layouts to letterpress printed pieces. No letterpress experience necessary!
  • WORKSHOP: Improvisational Screenprint with Gretchen Schermerhorn
    November 8, 6:30-9:30pm | $75
    Respond and build off of your fellow classmates’ prints in this collaborative and spontaneous workshop! Other skills such as transparent and opaque ink mixing, color registration, and proper screen exposure, will be covered.
  • WORKSHOP: Introduction to Letterpress on Vandercook Press with Aubrey Dunn
    November 10, 10am-4pm | $161
    Master the basics of letterpress printing with antique lead type on a Vandercook flatbed cylinder press! Set type, operate the press, and clean the press while also setting a few lines of text to print a small edition.
  • MAKE + TAKE: Screenprinted Wrapping Paper
    November 15, 7-9pm | $40
    We’ll have two designs burned into screens, festive inks mixed, and paper ready. Just bring yourself! This session we will guide you through screenprinting wrapping paper, perfect for adding a handmade touch to a special gift.
  • WORKSHOP: Screenprinting 101 with Clare Winslow
    November 18, 12-5pm | $136
    Learn how to work independently in the darkroom and screenprinting studio! You will learn the basics of preparing images, exposing screens, and printing with water-based inks.
  • WORKSHOP: Pulp Painting with Laura Asher
    November 27 & 29, 6:30-9:30pm | $156
    Create painterly images using nothing but paper pulp! In this class, learn the pulp paint pigmentation process, different methods of applying it to a background base sheet, as well as the basics of pulling and drying sheets of handmade paper.
  • MAKE + TAKE: Paste Papers
    November 28, 6-8pm | $40
    Learn how to create original decorative sheets of paper using a simple paste recipe. We will make unique colorful designs that can be customized in many ways. This process can easily be recreated at home.
  • WORKSHOP: Introduction to Western Papermaking with Laura Asher
    December 2, 11am-5pm | $156
    Learn the basic techniques of Western-style hand papermaking, including pulp preparation, sheet forming, couching, pressing, and drying.

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center is located at 4318 Gallatin Street, Hyattsville MD. For more information, visit or 301-608-9101.