Pyramid Atlantic Art Center October 2018 Events, Workshops, & Make + Takes

By Editorial Team on October 8, 2018
Courtesy of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.


In the Gallery

    New Works by Sheila Crider
    Closing Reception:
    October 13, 2-4pm
    Join us for the closing reception of WhiteWashing! Crider’s new work explores the nation’s historic relationship with people of color through contemporary abstraction. Learn More
    Thea Gregorius | Allen Linder | Michael Enn Sirvet | Tim Tate
    Opening Reception:
    October 19, 6-9pm
    This show explores work that pushes the tactile quality of materials. Combined, the artworks question notions of soft (ornamental, safe, feminine) and hard (resolute, unwavering, masculine) while it explores the relationships between sculpture and paper. Learn More


  • Artistic Applications of Hot Foil Stamping with Linda Rollins
    October 6, 10am-1pm | $75
    Learn how to stamp with a Kensol hot foil stamper, a tacking iron, a wheel and hand tools! Materials include book cloth, paper, and leather. Informational demos will be followed by opportunities to experiment with all methods. Learn More
  • Hinged Lid Boxmaking with Sarah Noreen
    October 13, 10am-4pm | $156
    In this workshop, you will learn how to construct and cover a single tray box with an attached lid. Variations on this structure will be discussed, including adding partitions, tabs and closures, and time permitting, you may even get to re-purpose an old hardcover book into a box! Learn More
  • Bookbinding II with Aubrey Dunn
    October 14, 12pm-6pm | $166
    Learn two advanced sewing structures, including long-stitch and a hard cover binding with sewn-over tapes. These two structures will allow for the binding of thicker books, which will be ideal in the creation of journals or sketchbooks. Learn More
  • Screenprinting 102 with Clare Winslow
    October 13, 10am-3pm | $135
    Move beyond one-color screenprinting and learn how to design and register multi-layer prints. You will use overlapping layers to expand the color range of a print and continue to explore screenprint’s creative possibilities. Learn More
  • Linocut Printmaking with Emma Quander
    October 16 & 18, 6:30-9:30pm | $160
    Learn how to create a linocut relief print by beginning with a drawing, then transferring and carving it onto a linoleum block. The remaining surface is “rolled” with ink and pressed onto paper to make a final print. Learn More
  • MAKE + TAKE: Papermaking with Autumnal Inclusions
    October 17, 6-8pm | $40
    We’ll be launching into the fall spirit by making paper couched with leaves. Feel free to bring any dried plants, paper scraps, or other soft & thin objects to incorporate. No experience necessary! Learn More
  • MAKE + TAKE: Pocket Accordion Books
    October 17, 7-9pm | $40
    Learn how to create a functional take on the traditional accordion book! We will teach you how to create an accordion book that has pockets on both sides–useful for storing all your small ephemera. We’ll have some decorative papers available for you to use, but feel free to bring your own! Learn More
  • MAKE + TAKE: Fall-Themed Wood Type Prints
    October 17, 7-9pm | $40
    Join us and learn how to make fall-themed prints with wood type! If you want to print, but don’t have a particular project in mind, then this is a great opportunity to come get inky! We’ll have ink mixed, type set, and paper ready. All you have to do is show up. Learn More
  • MAKE + TAKE: Screenprinted Coasters
    October 18, 7-9pm | $40
    Join us for an evening of screenprinting! In this session, we will guide you through screenprinting on coasters. We’ll have multiple images burned, ink mixed, and surfaces ready. Learn More
  • MEMBERS ONLY EVENT: Monster Mash Relief Printing
    October 25, 6-8pm | Free
    It’s a graveyard smash! Join us for a night of spooky printmaking! Learn basic relief printing techniques and create your own unique monster-mashups. Carve your own monster themed blocks, or use some of ours! Learn More

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  • WORKSHOP: Sinatra Printed Flag Books with Sarah Matthews
    October 27, 11am-5pm, October 28, 2-5pm | $235
    Create a one-of-a-kind, sculptural book that is deceptively simple but has infinite possibilities! You will print 3-5 images with Sintra to use in the creation of your flag book. Learn More


  • Community Print: I Believe Her
    October 4, 6-8:30pm | $20 Suggested Donation
    Based on community demand, our presses will be running with posters and postcards that say “I believe her.” Drop in, print with us and take some home! Learn More
  • Artist Talks by Pyramid Studio Residents
    November 7, 7-8:30pm | FREE!
    Join us for a discussion by artists who regularly mix up old and new, who make modern art on old equipment, or whose work makes reference to art or history. Speakers include Jane Lueders, Sarah Noreen, Brian Dunn, Mary Elizabeth Watson, Josh Crotty, and Cynthia F. Johnson! Learn More
  • Hyattsville Figure Drawing Group
    Every Tuesday, 6-9pm | $20
    Each session begins with five 5-minute warm-up poses followed by drawing from a sustained pose for the remainder of the session. Bring your own materials, paper, and easel (if needed). Chairs, tables, and drawing boards provided. Pyramid members receive $5 OFF each session! Learn More

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center is located at 4318 Gallatin Street, Hyattsville MD. For more information, visit or 301-608-9101.