Pyramid Atlantic Art Center: Online, In-Person + Hybrid Fall 2021 Workshops

By Editorial Team on September 13, 2021
Courtesy of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.


Narrative Illustration
w/ Kate Samworth VIA ZOOM
Sep 14 – Nov 16 | Tuesdays 6-8pm
$500 | Register by September 4

This 10-day course in narrative drawing/illustration will challenge students to combine imagination with observation. Classwork involves exercises in composition and design, 1- and 2-point perspective, and an intro to animal anatomy. Students will work from reference material in the form of books, photos, and online resources and learn how to use information from these sources without copying. Open to all levels of experience. learn more & register

Make+Take: Simple Paper Casting
w/ Marta Perez Garcia IN STUDIO
September 15 | 7pm-9pm
$40 | Register by September 7

Come learn to cast paper pulp to create lightweight relief sculptures. This workshop will teach the basic techniques needed to cast paper, while also experimenting with sheet casting and pouring methods. Handmade and everyday objects will be used as molds. This is a great introduction to sculptural papermaking for anyone interested in pushing pulp into the third dimension! No previous printing experience required. learn more & register

Zoom+Make: Dos-á-Dos Book
w/ Nathalie Ryan VIA ZOOM
September 16 | 7pm-9pm
$40 | Register by September 7

What happens when two books become one?  The dos-à-dos, from the French for “back-to-back,” binds two books with one cover. This structure allows the book to be divided into two distinct sections, offering the possibility of introducing contrasting or separate material within one context. Join us to learn how to construct a dos-à-dos sketchbook or journal, and then play with ideas for creative content that might leverage this unique binding. All levels welcome. learn more & register

Zoom+Make: Pochoir
September 16 | 7-9pm
w/ Adi Segal VIA ZOOM
$40 | Register by September 7

Join us for this fun evening where you’ll learn how to both finesse the printing technique and pronounce the word, Pochoir, which is French for “stenciling” and was a popular printing method from the late 19th century through the 1930s. Using hand-cut stencils and stippled brush and sponge application, color is applied to each layer using countless techniques, from daubing to swiping, spraying, and spattering, making a recognizably beautiful print. learn more & register

Make+Take: Miniature Drypoints
w/ Nicole Parker IN STUDIO
September 23 | 7-9pm
$40 | Register by September 14

Come scrape into some metal and get a bit inky while making miniature drypoint prints using zinc plates! Drypoint techniques allow you to work directly on your plate with no grounds or acids required. Get ready to experiment and have fun! No previous printing experience required. learn more & register

Generative Measures
Sep 23, 30, Oct 7 | 6-8pm
w/ Ellen Sheffield VIA ZOOM
$155 | Register by September 14

A Virtual Workshop with Guest Artist! This workshop will focus on non-traditional approaches to developing original content for artist’s books. From research seeds participants will respond to writing prompts and engage in experimental creative writing techniques to grow these ideas into prototypes for artist’s books. This workshop is for visual artists who want to expand their approaches to generating ideas and for writers who want to explore the artist’s book as a time-based medium. learn more & register 

Fabric 2 Paper
October 2 | 10am-4pm
w/ Selene LaMarca in Studio
$171 | Register by September 22

Do you have leftover fabric scraps from sewing projects or old clothes you are looking to repurpose? Join us in recycling leftover fabric into creating unique and personal sheets of handmade paper. In this workshop, you will learn how cotton and/or linen is transformed into paper and the art and craft of hand papermaking, including pulp preparation, sheet forming, couching, pressing, and drying. learn more & register

Cyan-O Printing Party
October 3 | 1-4pm
A NEW in Studio Group Workshop!
$350 | Register by September 25

Gather a few friends or family members and join us in-studio to learn how to create unique botanical prints using found plants and the power of the sun in a Cyan-O Printing Party. Talented artists on Pyramid’s staff will guide you and your group (up to 4 participants total) through the three-hour creative experience. All of the participants will craft beautiful prints to take home. learn more & register 

Did, Saw, Felt: A Process for Narrative Drawing
Oct 6, 13, 20, 27, and Nov 3 | 6-8pm
w/ Lenora Yerkes in Studio
$255 | Register by September 28

Join illustrator and cartoonist Lenora Yerkes for a five-part drawing workshop focused on stimulating creativity. You’ll learn techniques for quieting your internal editor, working through creative blocks, and organizing your thoughts into compelling narratives. If you’ve ever wanted to draw or write but think you “can’t,” or if you struggle to create a steady flow of art, this workshop is for you. learn more & register

Gel Plates and More!
October 8 and 15 | 2-4:30pm
w/ Sharon Robinson in Studio
$136 | Register by September 28

Love mixed media? This class offers the perfect way to expand your repertoire by creating an array of one-off prints using acrylic paints and inks on gel plates and exploring other monoprinting techniques that do not require plates. The resulting prints can be stand-alone artworks and/or modified with paint, pastels, markers and pencils, or become material for collage. learn more & register

Dyeing to Pigment
October 13 | 6pm–9pm
w/ Selene LaMarca in Studio
$96 | Register by October 6

What’s the difference between pigmenting and dyeing paper? A lot! In this face-paced workshop, students learn how pigmenting and dyeing techniques differ, and make many paper samples of both. We will start off working with natural dyes such as indigo, walnut and cochineal dyes and then move on to experimenting with fiber reactive dyes on paper. In the second half of the class, the focus is on adding aqueous dispersed pigments to create brightly colored sheets of handmade paper. You’ll leave with a big stack of samples and an understanding of the pros and cons of both dyeing and pigmenting techniques. learn more & register

Introduction to Letterpress: The Vandercook Press
October 16 | 10am-4pm
w/ Lauren Emeritz in Studio
$160 | Register by October 6

Get started with letterpress! This workshop will cover the basics of letterpress printing with antique lead type on a Vandercook flatbed cylinder press. You will learn how to set type, operate a Vandercook press, and clean the press; set a few lines of text of your own choosing; and print a small edition (10-15 prints). learn more & register

Pressure Printing on the Vandercook
October 14 and 21 | 6-9pm
w/ Lauren Emeritz in Studio
$160 | Register by October 7

In this workshop, we will explore pressure printing with cut paper templates on a variety of papers to achieve atmospheric effects not usually seen in relief printing. We will use different textures and weights of paper to make templates in addition to printing the “ghost” of images. We will also cover operation of the Vandercook press and mixing ink. No experience is necessary. Expect to experiment and leave with a collection of prints! learn more & register

Folding Techniques in Handmade Paper
Oct 16, 23, and 30 | 2pm-5pm
w/ Tatiana Nelson-Joseph in Studio
$236 | Register by October 6

Are you interested in taking paper from flat to full? Do you have a stash of handmade paper leftover from previous classes and you’re looking for something usual to do with it? In this workshop,  students will explore folding polyhedral solids out of handmade paper, and then learn ways to use those forms in the creation of a mobile or an installation. learn more & register