Summer 2018 Short Classes and Workshops at Washington Studio School

By Editorial Team on June 18, 2018
Marine by Carol Rubin. Courtesy of Washington Studio School.
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Lighten Up: Painting Light
Mondays, July 9, 16, 23, 30
10am – 1pm
Instructor: Trevor Young

A four week painting class with a focus on light and luminosity. Painting is all about light. We cannot see anything without it, and in the real world it is what allows us to see shape, form, value, color and texture. Artists translate light in ways that are individual and personal, sometimes into the realm of the spiritual. This class will help students to ‘lighten up’ and relax as they paint while thinking hard about seeing and painting luminosity.

Monotype and the Model
Tuesdays, July 10, 17, 24, 31
Instructor: Lee Newman

Monotype is the painterly printmaking process favored by artists like Degas and Mazur. Both artists devoted much of their attention toward portraying the human figure and we will follow their example. Rather than using oil based inks, the class will work with watercolors on grained aluminum plates. Concepts such as gesture, mass/tone and proportion will be covered.

basic drawing supplies:
charcoal, pencils, erasers, a small drawing pad
a couple of inexpensive synthetic bristle brushes such as Simply Simmons
a basic watercolor set or a tube of any black or dark brown watercolor such as Utrecht
5 sheets of watercolor or heavy printmaking paper like Copperplate, Rives BFK, Canson Edition.

Figure Drawing (2 Sessions, July and August)
Session 1: Wednesdays, July 11, 18, 25 and Aug 1
Instructor: Diane Wilson

Session 2: Wednesdays, August 8, 15, 22, 29
Instructor: Diane Wilson

This class is recommended for students with previous drawing experience. Working from quick gestures as well as sustained poses students refine their perceptual drawing skills while concentrating on the structure, movement, and expressive qualities of the human figure. Students work towards a personal sensibility through a variety of drawing materials.

Early Evening Outdoor Watercolor Painting
Wednesdays, July 11, 18, 25, August 1
Instructor: Paul Pietsch

Using the architecture, parks, and vegetation nearby WSS as source, students will enjoy the changing evening summer light as they learn to work with the transparency and fluidity of the watercolor medium. They will learn to balance the unexpected with the controlled as they work with the medium, while at the same time addressing the compositional aspects of placement, size, shapes relationships, and use of color. On evening when the weather does not cooperate the class will take place indoors.

Drawing for Absolute Beginners (2 Sessions, Day and Evening)
Session 1: Thursdays, July 12, 19, 26, August 2, 9
Instructor: Milena Spasic

Session 2: Thursdays, July 12, 19, 26, August 2, 9
Instructor: Milena Spasic

Learning to draw means learning to see. This short class will provide an introduction to the foundations of observational drawing. Students will learn the basics of contour, shape, value, gesture, negative/positive space, proportion, planes, and the use of basic drawing materials as we look carefully at still life and interior space. This course is designed for beginning students.

DIY Cigar Box Pochade
Friday, July 13
10am – 5pm
Instructor: Martin Campos
$110 (plus $35 materials fee to instructor)

Have you ever wanted to be able to be able to create work fast, spontaneously and on the spot but found yourself hindered by all your stuff? This workshop is your answer. Martin Campos has developed his own unique system based on based on a simple cigar box, perfected over time through trial and error. Participants will each make a cigar box pochade like Martin’s – he will provide the boxes and all hardware (see materials fee.) At the end of the day the group will test their boxes with a short outdoor painting session and see how easy it is to paint fast and spontaneously.

Emptying Out The Figure
Saturday/Sunday, July 14/15
Instructor: Martin Campos

How quickly and how minimally can you get to the result of a figure that suggests space and volume? How were the masters able to achieve this through minimal stroke and reduction of superfluous detail? Looking at the drawings of artists like Schiele, Millet, Rembrandt, and some of Campos’s own drawings, the goal of the class will be to know a lot but to say it with little.

Charcoal – Blick extra soft
Charcoal paper
Nu-Pastels – Black, White and 3 Greys
Kneaded eraser

Making Collagraph Prints
Tuesday and Wednesday, July 24 and 25
Instructor: Brian Kelley

Do you love both collage and printmaking? Then this 2-morning workshop is for you! A collagraph is a unique and expressive type of print that is made from a collage created on a printing plate. After the collaged plate is made it is sealed (or sometimes not!), inked, and printed onto another surface. The results are wonderful and the experimental possibilities endless.

Drawing at the Zoo
Thursday, July 26
Instructor: Joren Lindholm

Animals at the zoo are fantastic models! They are large, small, graceful, awkward, on the ground, in the air, active, and still – they swing, leap, slither, climb, flap their wings, and sometimes they are sound asleep. Combined with the varieties of vegetation, the architecture of the structures, and the gestures of the people who come to visit the zoo, there is enough out there to easily fill a sketchbook or two with exciting marks. Enjoy a day capturing the gestures, movement and form of a variety of animals in their zoo habitat. There will be a lunch break, and there is plenty to draw inside if the weather does not cooperate!

Building and Painting Your Own Still Life
Saturday/Sunday, July 28/29
Instructor: Erin Raedeke

Working with their own objects and fabrics, students will learn to build a still life that evokes meaning and memory for them. They will use a limited palette of paints to find color relationships through value and temperature, and will think about composition within the rectangle as they compose both the still life and the painting.

Clay Figure Sculpture – Focus on Gesture
Tuesday/Wednesday, July 31/August 1
Instructor: Homer Yost
$215 (plus $30 materials fee to WSS for clay)

Crucially important for all artists, sculpture sharpens the visual skills essential to seeing and developing the three-dimensional aspects of human form. Through the sense of touch, students will understand masses in relation to each other and surrounding space, as well as the definition and direction of planes, leading to an understanding of gesture, weight, balance, rhythm, and the essential spirit of the pose. The ultimate goal is to develop a vocabulary and ability to connect form and feeling – ‘what Yost refers to as figurative humanism.’ Work will be from the figure model.

Relief Modeling and Plaster Carving
Saturday, Sunday, August 11/12
Instructor: Jon-Joseph Russo
$215 plus $10 fee for clay and plaster

Students will begin by creating a clay relief from an invented subject. This will serve as the study model for a a plaster sculpture, carved from a cast plaster block. There will be an introductory lecture on plaster, tools, and techniques.required will be a hammer (1 lb. minimum) and an inexpensive set of wood caving chisels (about $15).

Discussion Seminar on Baselitz: 6 Decades
This summer the Hirshhorn Museum will be exhibiting the first American retrospective of artist George Baselitz’s work in 20 years. Stay tuned for date info on an all-WSS discussion/conversation on this controversial yet influential painter as he approaches his 80th year. Readings will be suggested. All are welcome and encouraged to participate.