Summer Camp Students Discover Glass Art at the Washington Glass School

By Editorial Team on August 9, 2012
Erwin Timmers instructs students on glass art at the Washington Glass School.


The Brentwood Arts Exchange, part of Maryland’s Prince George’s Parks and Recreation, Summer Creative Expressions Camp allows Children to explore a variety of artistic media as well as contemporary reading and writing activities around such themes as animals, nature, and adventure.

The camp projects were designed to expand the imagination and sharpen learning skills of young artists – which led the children to the Washington Glass School . Expressing their creativity in glass artwork and led by WGS Co-Director Erwin Timmers and Audrey Wilson, Studio Coordinator, the next generation of artists and leaders spent a fun and productive afternoon. Students of the camp exhibited the artworks they made at the Gateway Arts Center, amazing their family and friends with their beautiful works.

Creating glass art at the Washington Glass School.

WGS Co-Director Erwin Timmers said of the young artists and their first foray into glass art: “they dove right in and performed like Olympians – they worked very hard and the kids are extremely creative. It was great to see everybody working with big smiles on their faces. The results [by the children] rivaled the best artworks of our adult students.”

“I think that what stood out about this year’s summer camps to me was the overwhelmingly positive and open atmosphere that our teachers, Randall Holloway and Michelle Dukes, were able to maintain among a groups of kids who represented a fairly broad age range – from 6-12” said Phil Davis, Acting Director of the Brentwood Arts Exchange.  “With a lot of assistance from one of our summer staff members, Nefertiti Warren, they ran the camps with a dizzyingly fast-paced balance of structured art assignments, open-ended art-making time, and opportunities for kids to just run off their energy, which they had a lot of.  And, they did it with different groups of kids doing different things at different times.  Yet, at the end of each two week session, all of the kids had completed core projects ranging from abstract painting, narrative books, portraits, seemingly thousands of air-dry clay sculptures, dioramas, tie dye shirts, and more.  But, honestly, their trip to Washington Glass School for hands on experience working with an entirely new kind of media was by far the biggest hit of the summer.  The plates they made are probably the only thing from this summer that their parents are still going to have when the kids are grown up and gone.”

Campers exhibit their work at the Brentwood Arts Exchange.

The Washington Glass School works closely with its neighbors and schools – as an organization, WGS is driven by a commitment to social and environmental purposes. WGS has based its vision using the “Social Entrepreneurial Business Model” where they seek to achieve sustainability through a broad engagement of our communities without seeking grants and where “doing good” is integral to “doing well”.

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