Summer Workshops at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

By Editorial Team on June 4, 2019
Courtesy of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.

Summer Workshop:

  • Floating Sintra Prints
    June 9, 11am-5pm | $155
    Come discover the never ending potential of relief printmaking through this unique one-day workshop with a twist. You will be led through the process of developing a design, carving/mark making, and printing with a sintra plate (lightweight PVC foam board). Learn More
  • Stencil Screenprinting
    June 13, 2-5pm | $75
    Learn DIY screen printing by using your own cut stencils. No emulsion, computer, darkroom, or experience necessary! You’ll supply your own screen for future use, making this single afternoon workshop perfect for beginners. Learn More
  • Block. Print. Repeat.
    June 14, 6-9pm | $75
    Want to learn how to create patterns with bold colors? Join this fun and hands-on workshop where you will design and carve block prints to create your own collection of meditatively repetitive, multi-colored decorative papers. Learn More
  • Inside the Blank Book
    June 15, 10am-12pm | $40
    In this writing workshop, you will play with a number of writing tips and prompts, creating spreads and entries on the spot, and explore what Flannery O’Connor calls “the habit of finding meaning in things.” By the end you’ll have new tools to invigorate your own journal-keeping process. Learn More
  • Woodblock Printing on Fabric
    June 15 & 16, 12pm-4pm | $210
    In this two-day class, artist Trisha Gupta introduces natural dyeing and Indian woodblock design. Day 1 focuses on printing from authentic wooden Rajasthani woodblocks and traditional dyeing techniques. Day 2 focuses on designing, carving, and printing your own blocks using modern processes. Learn More
  • Joomchi and Beyond
    June 18–20, 10am–4pm | $400
    Joomchi is a Korean traditional way of making textured handmade paper. In this active workshop, Joomchi expert Jiyoung Chung teaches the history, practice, and role in Korean society, as well techniques and reinterpreted adaptations in contemporary art. Learn More

Teen Studio

  • Drawing
    June 17–21, 9am–3pm | $400
    Register by June 6
    This intensive designed just for teens focuses on building a range of drawing techniques. Students first learn the fundamentals of drawing, then apply these lessons to draw the figure. Students leave with a portfolio of new drawings and a broader visual language that they can take to the next stage of their education. Learn More
  • Printmaking
    June 24–28, 9am–3pm | $400
    Register by June 13
    Teens will learn how to create their own limited-edition prints on our professional presses! Students will explore their own style and ideas with monoprinting, screenprinting, and relief printing. Each student will create several print editions and a print exchange will be held at the end of the week. Learn More
  • Bookmaking
    July 8–12, 9am–3pm | $400
    Register by June 20
    Students will learn the arts of papermaking, typesetting, letterpress printing, book binding, zine making, and pop-up book creation. This is a great class for students interested in connecting their interests in both writing and art. Students walk away with new books, new skills, and participate in a mini zine-fest trade at the end of the week! Learn More