The Phillips Collection Workshop: Revival of a Life: The Making of a Water Angel with Cheryl D. Edwards

By Editorial Team on February 9, 2021
Courtesy of Cheryl Edwards.
Virtual Workshop: Saturday, February 13, 2021, 12pm  to 2:30pm

In this workshop we will create Water Angels to examine the sacredness of life using symbology. We will begin with a discussion about the Egyptian Paddle Dolls and the mythology of the Egyptian goddess Hathor and the Middle Kingdom Khener-dancers.

Using mixed media techniques to create an artwork using the Egyptian Paddle Doll as inspiration, we will explore the use of symbology to honor a life/lives and examine the symbols found on the Paddle Dolls such as tattoos, shapes, and specific iconology to describe an individual’s life. While creating this work we will reflect on thoughts of restructure, restoration, and light as a pathway to life after covid-19. The artwork created in this workshop will serve as a reminder of the oneness of humanity and the civil and gentle treatment of all life. No previous experience is needed. This is mostly an intuitive process.


  • Watercolor Paper (24×18 inches)
  • Watercolor or acrylics or colored pencils or colored markers or colored pencils
  • Any found object
  • Drawing pencils
  • Magazines/Newspapers