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By Editorial Team on January 25, 2017
Photo courtesy of Washington Studio School.
Photo courtesy of Washington Studio School.


Classes: Wednesdays from 2pm to 5pm


Looking or Reading: Text in Drawing and Painting
by Joanne Kaufman
Wednesdays 2-5
This class begins on Wednesday, January 25
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“Everything leads to the middle. Quincunx is a Roman form used a lot in gardens.  The center point here is derived from an X. The points at the four corners direct you back to the center. I was playing with the idea of having a completely central composition-which you are never supposed to do. That appealed to me, naturally.

I was angry when I started this. So I began by saying “no!” I had my hand in there for a while (saying “no”), but but now it’s a few layers below the surface”. – J. Kaufman

Class Description
Text phrases, words and letters abound in contemporary art, creating the question of whether we are looking or reading. What do these different approaches have to do with meaning? Aren’t they different modes of representing, with text becoming a vehicle for additional forms of communication? One where the meaning comes from both image and sound. In this exciting class students will create works that incorporate language into the visual entirety of the rectangle. Art and artists examined will range from illuminated manuscripts and the signature of Albrecht Durer, to modern and contemporary art including Magritte, the Cubists, Jasper Johns, Al Held, Cy Twombly and Christopher Wool.

Classes begin Monday, January 23.
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