December 2019-January 2020 Workshops at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center

By East City Art Editorial Team on December 9, 2019
Untitled. Blue pencil on paper. Courtesy of Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center.

Hedi Kyle’s Innovative Structures, Part 1
December 7 & 8 | 10 am–5 pm | $375
The myriad structures invented by Hedi Kyle have had an enormous impact on the field of book arts. Artists far and wide have been influenced by her masterful paper engineering and genius for transforming the architecture and action of the book. This workshop introduces some of Hedi’s gems, such as the spider book, fishbone fold, pivoting panels, and blizzard book. learn more

December 8 | 12–3 pm | $75
Design & Print Your Own Holiday Cards
You’ll be introduced to the screenprinting process to create festive cards using your own holiday-themed images and phrases. In advance of the class, you’ll be asked to send us your choice of image or personalized greeting that we will prepare in order to quick-start your card-making fun. By the end of the session, your unique edition of twelve 5″x7″ cards will be ready to send out! learn more

December 8 | 12–3 pm | $75
Tiny Book Party: Holiday Edition
Learn how to make a series of tiny books: perfect for gift-giving, personalization, and decoration! We will go over pamphlet variations, buttonhole stitch, and softcover with wraparound ties. Everyone is encouraged to experiment and come up with their own ways to sew tiny books as well. You’ll leave with several tiny books to gift, trade, or keep! learn more

Color Collagraphs
December 8 & 15 | 12–4 pm | $210
Collagraphs are one of the most accessible forms of intaglio printmaking, allowing artists to build their plates by adhering a variety of textures and materials directly to a matboard plate with adhesive. We’ll explore working with shaped plates, inking using the viscosity method, and experimenting with ghost printing and embossment. learn more

December 11 | 7–9 pm | $40
Wood Type: Wintry Greetings
Join us as we use simple presses and festive colorful ink to print witty seasonal greeting cards using our collection of wood type. You’ll take away a small edition of prints to share with family and friends! No homework and no experience necessary. Just bring yourself! learn more

December 15 | 11 am–5 pm | $75
Introduction to Western Papermaking
This workshop covers the basic techniques of Western-style hand papermaking, including pulp prep, sheet forming, couching, pressing, drying, and includes an overview of decorative techniques. Pulp additives such as sizing, retention agents, and formation aid are also covered. A great introduction for new students and refresher for out-of-practice papermakers! learn more

December 17 | 7–9 pm | $40
Block Printed Winter Greetings
In this short-form workshop, you will learn how to carve your own design on soft linoleum blocks. We will keep winter season themes in mind, but ultimately the design is up to you! There will be a few colors of ink available, and a variety of small fine papers to print on. Join us for some inky fun! No homework, and no experience necessary! learn more

December 18 | 7–9 pm | $40
Paste Paper
Come create original decorative sheets of paper using a simple paste recipe. We will make unique colorful designs that can be customized in many ways, from color to pattern. This process can easily be recreated at home and shared with family & friends. It’s a bit like finger painting for adults! No experience necessary. learn more

December 18 | 7–9 pm | $40
Star Books
Make small ornamental artist books just in time for the holidays! The structure looks like a simple book when closed but once the pages are opened it becomes an intricate star. These small gems are perfect for gift-giving, personalization, and decoration!No experience necessary. learn more

December 19 | 7–9 pm | $40
New Years Resolution Check Lists
Prepare for a refresh and the new year by screenprinting checklists to keep track of your resolutions for January 2020! We’ll have screens burned, ink mixed, and paper ready. You’ll take home a few posters to gift or use in aspects of your life! No homework and no experience necessary. learn more

January 11 | 10 am–4 pm | $155
Introduction to Tabletop Letterpress
Learn the basics of letterpress printing with antique type on a Chandler & Price Pilot tabletop platen press. You’ll learn how to set lead type, operate the tabletop press, troubleshoot, clean, and maintain the press—the perfect foundation for anyone interested in having their own small press at home! Plus, take home your own small edition of 10-15 prints. learn more

January 11 & 18 | 10 am–4 pm | $210
Introduction to Monotype Printmaking
Monotype printmaking is a painterly technique that offers the opportunity to create work that is layered and rich. In this two day workshop you’ll learn different transfer techniques. We’ll cover subtractive and additive techniques, ghost prints, stencils, and experiment with texture, inks, mark making, layers, and hybrid prints. learn more