HEMPHILL Open Position: Associate Director

By Editorial Team on June 8, 2021

Deadline: Thu, 07 July 2022

HEMPHILL, a leading gallery of contemporary art in Washington, DC, seeks a new addition to its gallery staff.

Job Title
Associate Director
Full Time, includes 2 Saturdays a month

Position Description
The Associate Director undertakes various tasks and responsibilities in selling art, the promotion of Hemphill Artworks, gallery artists, and gallery projects.

The Associate Director will initially focus on assisting the Owner and Director in client development, artwork research, the assembling of presentation images and text, the presentation of artwork, exhibition implementation, graphic design, video production, the implementation of public relations strategies, as well as correspondence with clients, other galleries, gallery artists, and vendors. Attention to detail and the ability to manage projects from start to finish is essential. As the employee gains confidence, many of these tasks will be handled independently by the Associate Director.

As the Associate Director evolves in the position, it will be necessary to learn individual gallery artists’ backgrounds, personalities, and artwork content. Concurrently the Associate Director will develop a greater understanding of the gallery’s clientele, individual’s preferences, and motivations for acquiring art. The goal is to address existing collector needs and add new collectors to the gallery.

Success in the position requires fulfilling the tasks enumerated herein with enthusiasm. The ideal candidate is passionate about art, is highly organized, and has excellent verbal and written communication skills. The Associate Director must be capable of functioning in a fast-paced work environment. It is not unusual for a day to be filled with simultaneous and competing demands. Steadiness will contribute to success, and organization skills and diligent work habits will help achieve success.

The gallery operation is highly social. We work with a wide variety of people, including academics, entrepreneurs, artists of all ages, service persons, and collectors of all levels of experience. The gallery is a small, highly interactive team. The Associate Director is expected to contribute to internal debate. It is essential to the team that the Associate Director is forthright, flexible, and sensitive. The candidate who is independently motivated, addressing the work as a creative challenge, will succeed and flourish.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Greet and interact with gallery visitors in a professional and friendly manner
  • Share in basic office duties
  • Learn the gallery inventory and be prepared to present artworks to visitors
  • Respond to email and telephone artwork inquiries
  • Assist with exhibition planning and installation
  • Assist in the planning and execution of gallery social events
  • Attend gallery previews, openings and special events
  • Maintain regular contact with gallery artists and accumulate knowledge of their studio practice and operation
  • Cultivate relationships with interior designers, art advisors, and curators
  • Research artworks, compose artwork profiles and provenance

Specific Duties Include

  • Manage the gallery’s internet presence, gallery website, gallery news, social media
  • Update gallery postings on Artsy, Artnet, etc.
  • Utilize content management system, iContact for email blasts
  • Graphic design for email and social media,
  • Prepare images and support information for digital artwork presentations
  • Graphic design for hardcopy printed materials
  • Database Entry – Inventory and Contacts; enter artwork inventory and client contact information into filemaker database
  • Utilize a basic understanding of digital photography to photograph artworks and gallery activities
  • Compose text for press releases and other promotional materials.
  • Correspondence and Proofreading
  • Prepare price quotes, consignment documents
  • Maintain accurate records of all correspondence
  • Art sales

Candidate must have strong computer and typing skills. Knowledge of Mac OSX computers is preferred, including the applications Microsoft Office, Filemaker, Adobe Creative Suite, or the ability to learn.

Familiarity with modern and contemporary art and graphic design is an advantage. A background in sales, marketing, and communication is a plus.

Driver’s License Required.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 4 years work experience in a related field

Skills & Proficiencies

  • Knowledge of Mac OS computers
  • Microsoft Office, Filemaker, Adobe Creative Suite

Salary commensurate with experience.
Employer-Sponsored IRA available after 1 full calendar year of employment.
Two weeks of paid vacation per year

To Apply
Send a resume and cover letter outlining relevant work experience and employment objectives. Provide two references with phone and email contact information and a description of relationship to the applicant.

Email application to: gallery@hemphillartworks.com with “Associate Director” in the subject line.